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Yahoo! Groups Ontroads - Discussion group regarding the King's Highway network in Ontario

Yahoo! Groups Canroads - Another discussion group that focuses on the Canadian Highway network.

Yahoo! Groups GreatLakesRoads - A discussion group discussing matters in the Great Lakes states and Ontario

Canadian Highways @ - Discussion board for all roads within Canada


Ontario Links

The History of Ontario's King's Highway - Cameron Bever's site.  Probably the best site on the web for information regarding the History of Ontario's Highway network

Vintage King's Highways - Mike Sgambelluri's website features historic photos from Ontario's highways taken during the 70s 80s and 90s.

Ontario Highways - Chris Bessert's excellent site featuring even more information on the Ontario Highway network.

The Ontario Highwayman - Chris Beach's small photo blog detailing Highways across the province, and dipping into the US as well.

Ontario Highways - Jay LaRochelle's highway's website featuring images and brief descriptions of Ontario Highways.

Highway 11 Homepage - Marc Pervini's website offers a town by town road trip along Highway 11 from Barrie to Rainy River

Ontario Road Maps - An excellent website compiled by Neil Wilson detailing the past and present of road maps in Ontario.

FreewayBrent @ Youtube - Great collection of Road Movies, with good content of some of the GTA's Freeways.



Canadian Links

BC Highways - Take a tour of British Columbia Highways

Alberta Highways - This site features an online tour of many Alberta Highways particularly the Trans-Canada Highway

Saskatchewan Highways - Companion website of the Alberta Highways page featuring photo tours of many Saskatchewan Routes.

Highways of Manitoba - Alex Klages' page features a detailed list of all of the routes that criss-cross Manitoba

PQ Highways - Companion site to this one features detailed route information and virtual tours of selected Quebec Routes

Quebec Autoroutes - Website devoted to the freeways that crisscross Quebec.

Montreal Area Roads - Steve Anderson's site about Montreals Crossings and Exits.

Autoroute 73 - Patrick Lessard's Website about the southern extension of A-73 in Quebec. - Detailed information and route logs for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine



American Links

Historic Bridges of Michigan and Elsewhere - Nathan Holth's excellent website highlights historic bridges from both Ontario and several other US jurisdictions.

AA Roads - Probably the largest US road website featuring thousands of photos and guides. - Large website that is home to several states highway termini pages.

DFW - Great website detailing the histories of some of the highways surrounding Dallas, TX.  Site features some of the best highway photos on the web. - Home

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