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Highway 505 is a short (19 km) highway that connects Highway 48 east of Kirkfield to Highway 503 at Uphill.  It follows the historic Victoria Colonization Road for its entire length.  505 was totally downloaded January 1st, 1998.  This highway transfer seems totally logical to me, as I don't see what provincial purpose Highway 505 held.


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  Southern Terminus:  Junction Highway 48 (now Kawartha Lakes Road 48) 4.5 km east of Kirkfield

Northern Terminus:  Junction Highway 503 (now Kawartha Lakes Road 45) in the hamlet of Uphill

Length:  19.1 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

Status:  Totally downloaded.  Highway 505 has been renumbered Kawartha Lakes Road 35 (which is derived from its southern continuation south of Highway 48.

Road Info:  Highway 505 is in good shape for a secondary highway, it has good pavement, and a yellow centre line for its entire length

Communities and Intersections along and Highway 505 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
City of Kawartha Lakes ---- 0 km / 19.1 km Highway 48 (Kawartha Lakes Road 48)
City of Kawartha Lakes Victoria Road --- -----
City of Kawartha Lakes Uphill 19.1 km / 0 km Highway 503 (Kawartha Lakes Road 45)
Highway 505 Ends

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