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Highway 522 is an east-west route running from Highway 69 near Georgian Bay to Highway 11 just south of Trout Creek.  Highway 522 is the major connection for several small Central Ontario centres including the communities of Arnstien and Port Loring.  Interestingly, Highway 522 was lengthened in 2002 as the highway assumed part of Highway 11's former routing through Trout Creek, when Highway 11 was realigned onto the Trout Creek Bypass.  Also notable about Highway 522 is that the route is technically discontinuous through Trout Creek as 500m from the former junction of Highway 11 was formerly decommissioned in 1998.  Despite this legal discontinuity, Highway 522 is continuously signed through Trout Creek.

Secondary Highway 522 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 69 in the hamlet of Cranberry

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 11 at the south end of the small community of Trout Creek

Length:  Current: 109.3km

Multiplexes:  None

Orientation: East-West

Regions Served: Parry Sound District

AADT (2002):  Highest: 990, from Commanda Creek to Highway 11 south of Trout Creek;

                             Lowest:  410, from the Grundy Lake Provincial Park Etrance to East Road & North Road in Loring.

Road Info:  Not available.


Highway 522 information:  

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Communities and Intersections along and Highway 522 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
District of Parry Sound Cranberry 0km / 109.3km King's Highway 69
District of Parry Sound Pakesley --- -----
District of Parry Sound ----- 19.2km / 90.1km Lost Channel Road
District of Parry Sound Ess Narrows Landing 27.9km / 82.3km -----
District of Parry Sound Fleming's Landing --- -----
In Loring:  EB: Turn Right towards Port Loring.  WB: Turn Left towards Highway 69.
District of Parry Sound Loring 47.8km / 61.5km North Road & East Road
District of Parry Sound Port Loring --- -----
District of Parry Sound Arnstein --- -----
District of Parry Sound Golden Valley --- -----
District of Parry Sound ----- 68.3km / 41.1km Little River Road
District of Parry Sound Bear Valley --- -----
District of Parry Sound Farleys Corners 80.4km / 29.4km Secondary Highway 524
Township of Nipissing Commanda --- -----
Municipality of Powasson (Former) Trout Creek West Limits 105.1km / 4.2km -----
Municipality of Powasson Trout Creek 106.7km / 2.6km Secondary Highway 522B (Formerly Highway 11)
At Highway 522B:  EB: Turn Right towards Highway 11 South.  SB: Turn Left towards Port Loring
Municipality of Powasson (Former) Trout Creek South Limits 107.7km / 1.6km -----
Municipality of Powasson ----- 109.3km / 0km King's Highway 11
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