Route 388

Western Entrance: Ontario Border -- R-388 continues in Ontario as Highway 101.

Eastern Terminus: Junction Route 393 just to the north of Duparquet.

Length: 22km.

Regions: MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest

Routing: Route 388 is a short route that is fairly straight.  The route is an easterly continuation of Highway 101 in Ontario, and heads along the north side of Lac Hebecourt to Route 393 junction just north of Duparquet.  It is interesting that while Highway 101 is a principal King's Highway in Ontario, Route 388 is but a secondary highway in Quebec.



 < Photo: Patrick Gaudreau

Pictures on this page are arranged in order from south to north.  R-388 East photos are left-aligned in the last column, while R-388 West photos are right-aligned.  Center-line pictures are centered within the last column.






Route 388 ends at the Ontario border.  Route 338 continues west into Ontario as Highway 101.  Click here for Ontario's Highway 101 images.

MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest


View looking westerly back into Ontario at the western end of Highway 388.  Note the ends shield present to delineate the western terminus of Route 388, as well as the Ontario welcome signage.



Photographer: Patrick Gaudreau

Date: 8/7/2008

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