is a collection of photos and information from my collective travels.  I suggest that those who are new to the website start at the Recent Updates Page.  There, users will find the most recent photologs to be uploaded to the website.  I update fairly often, (sometimes one update everyday, but sometimes one update every week or two), so check the site regularly for new content.

 If you are looking for something more specific, please follow the links below.  Photos and content is sorted by jurisdiction, then by highway number or by city.  Finding specific information may take a number of clicks, but I have spent a lot of time (over 6 years) developing this site, so a little patience may prove to be very rewarding.


Ontario - was once a stand alone site:, this has the most detailed content on Asphaltplanet

Quebec - A lot of freeway content, hope to make this section of the site as detailed as Ontario in the future

Arizona - Desert Highways and Freeways

California - lots of photos, particularly of big L.A. Freeways.

Georgia - A few photos of Atlanta and environs.

Michigan - Photos of the Southeast part of the State.

Texas - Photos of stack interchanges.
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