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King's Highway 121 -

Highway 121 was primarily a local highway before it was decommissioned and re-designated.  The highway had two two distinct segments:  The southern segment was a highway that ran parallel to Highway 35 between Powles Corners south of Fenelon Falls, and Minden.  Highway 121 is just over three kilometers longer than Highway 35 between Powles Corners and Minden, though Highway 121 serves more local traffic, as passes through Fenelon Falls (a large town by Kawartha Lakes' standpoint that nearly doubles in population during the summer months), and Kinmount.  Highway 121 rejoined Highway 35 south of Minden, the two routes ran concurrently with one-another through Minden along a four-lane arterial highway.  North of Minden, Highway 121 split from Highway 35 bound northeasterly for Haliburton Village.  It is at this junction that Highway 121 ceased to run parallel to Highway 35, and is the transition between Highway 121 the north south highway and Highway 121 the east-west highway.  East of Haliburton, Highway 121 ran through a near deserted portion of the Haliburton Highlands.  The highway intersected with Highway, 503, Highway 648 (three times, sharing a short concurrency with this convoluted route), before terminating at Highway 28 southwest of Bancroft.  Highway 121 was downloaded south of Haliburton Village to the counties of Victoria (now the City of Kawartha Lakes) and Haliburton, while the highway remained in the provincial highway network.  Between 1998, and 2003 Highway 121 shared a common terminus with Highway 118 in Haliburton Village.  Since, both Highway 118 and Highway 121 were east-west highways, a decision was made to re-designate the remaining east-west leg of Highway 121 as Highway 118.  Signs were changed from Highway 121 to Highway 118 during the Spring of 2003.  This decision greatly improved the route numbering scheme within Haliburton County, and eradicated the remaining piece of the King's Highway 121 from the MTO's log books.

King's Highway 121 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  Junction Highway 35 at Powles Corners.

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 28 southeast of Bancroft.

Length:  133.7km

Multiplexes:  4.5km with Highway 35 through Minden

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  Highest: 6,800, from Fenelon Falls northerly to to Victoria Road 8;

                             Lowest: 800, from east junction of Highway 648 easterly to Bicroft.

Status:  Entirely re-designated:  South of Highway 118, Highway 121 is Kawartha Lakes Road 121, Haliburton Road 121, King's Highway 35, and Haliburton Road 21.  The eastern leg of Highway 121 has been incorporated into Highway 118's routing.

Road Info:  Admittedly it has been several years since I have travelled any section of Highway 121 as I write this.  From what I recall, Highway 121 is generally in fair condition through Kawartha Lakes.  Kawartha Lakes does not maintain its county road network well, and while the surface condition of the highway is good, travelers should expect very poor lane markings and road signage.  Things improve in Haliburton, as while Haliburton County does not have the means to maintain a road to the same standards as the province does, they have done a good job with the upkeep of Highway 121.  The section of Highway 121 that is now Highway 118 is of course well maintained as it is still a provincial highway, though some sections have not been surfaced in quite sometime.  Highway 121 has a rural speed limit of 80km/h.


Highway 121 information:  

Detailed Route information available below
Virtual Tour of Highway 121
Virtual Tour of Highway 118   History of Highway 121
Photographic History of Highway 121

Communities and Major Intersections located along Highway 121 from South to North to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

The City of Kawartha Lakes has designated the former Highway 121 as Kawartha Lakes Road 121 

City of Kawartha Lakes Powles Corners  0km / 133.7km  King's Highway 35 (South Junction) 
City of Kawartha Lakes  Fenelon Falls West Limits  5.6km / 128.1km  -----
City of Kawartha Lakes Fenelon Falls  6.3km / 127.4km Highway 35A (Kawartha Lakes Road 8-West)
City of Kawartha Lakes  Fenelon Falls  6.6km / 127.1km  Francis Street (Kawartha Lakes Road 22) 
City of Kawartha Lakes  Fenelon Falls East Limits  7.4km / 126.3km  -----
City of Kawartha Lakes  ----- 8.0km / 125.7km  Kawartha Lakes Road 8-East 
City of Kawartha Lakes  ----- 15.1km / 118.6km Kawartha Lakes Road 36 
City of Kawartha Lakes  ----- 30.7km / 103.0km  Highway 649 (Kawartha Lakes Road 649) 
City of Kawartha Lakes  Kinmount  40.4km / 93.3km  Highway 503-East (Kawartha Lakes Road 503-East)
City of Kawartha Lakes Kinmount  40.6km / 93.1km  Highway 503-West (Kawartha Lakes Road 503-West) 
Kawartha Lakes (Victoria) / Haliburton Boundary  ----- 44.9km / 88.8km -----
Township of Minden Hills  ----- 48.1km / 85.6km  Haliburton Road 1-West 
At Highway 35-South:  NB: Follow the ramp towards Minden.  SB: Turn Left at the top of the hill towards Kinmount and Bobcaygeon.
Township of Minden Hills  ----- 56.2km /  77.5km King's Highway 35-South 
Township of Minden Hills  ----- 58.6km / 75.1km  Haliburton Road 16 
At Highway 35-North:  NB: Follow the ramp to Haliburton Road 21-North to Haliburton.  SB: Turn Left at the stop-sign bound towards Minden.
Township of Minden Hills  ----- 60.7km / 73.0km  King's Highway 35-North 
Township of Minden Hills  ----- 68.1km / 65.6km  Ingoldsby Road (Haliburton Road 18) 
Township of Highlands East  ------ 82.8km / 50.9km  Haliburton Road 1-East 
At Haliburton:  NB: Turn Right at traffic signal following Highway 118-East.  WB: Turn Left at traffic signal onto County Road 21 to Minden. 
Township of Highlands East Haliburton  83.8km / 49.9km  King's Highway 118 
Township of Highlands East  ----- 88.3km / 45.4km  Haliburton Road 3
Township of Highlands East Essonville 102.1km / 31.6km Haliburon Road 4
At Tory Hill:  EB: Turn Left at stop sign towards Bancroft.  WB: Turn Right on Highway 118 towards Haliburton. 
Township of Highlands East  Tory Hill  107.2km / 26.5km  Highway 503 (Haliburton Road 503, Furnace Falls Road) 
At Highway 648:  EB: Turn Right towards Bancroft.  WB: Turn Left at the stop sign towards Haliburton. 
Township of Highlands East ----- 111.0km / 22.7km  Highway 648-West (Haliburton Road 648) 
Township of Highlands East  ----- 120.7km / 13.0km  Highway 648-South (Haliburton Road 48) 
Township of Highlands East ----- 122.5km / 11.2km Highway 648-East (Haliburton Road 648)
Township of Highlands East  ----- 128.9km / 4.8km  Haliburton Road 9 
Haliburton / Hastings Boundary  ----- 129.9km / 3.8km  -----
Township of Faraday Paudash  133.7km / 0km  King's Highway 28
King's Highway 121 Ends

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