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Highway 126 was downloaded in the early 1990s, and is generally more of a historic designation than most of the highways featured on this website.  Highway 126 is a short freeway stub that existed between Highway 401 and Hamilton Road in London.  Since being downloaded (and becoming a municipal freeway) Highway 126 is known only as Highbury Avenue.  Before the urban freeway revolt of the early 1970s, Highway 126 was to be extended through the urban area of London.  The freeway was at times envisioned to become part of Highway 402.  While it is certainly for the better that Highway 126 was not included in Highway 402's routing, it is a bit of a shame that a north south freeway was never constructed through London.  Highway 4 is orphaned to the north of London, and there are no quick arterial roads that traverse north to south in the city.  London is a very low density city, where by design, automobile travel is the dominant mode of conveyance.  In recent years their has been renewed interests in constructing an interceptor road.  Proposals include upgrading Veteran's Memorial Parkway (former Highway 100) into a freeway, and constructing a brand new facility to the west of the city.

Highbury Avenue signage.

  Southern Terminus:  Historic: The Wilton Grove Road intersection -- just south of Highway 401.

Northern Terminus:  Historic: Junction Highway 22 (Fanshawe Park Road)

Length:  approx. 12 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  Between Highway 401 and Hamilton Road in London

AADT (N/A):  Highest: N/A;
                             Lowest: N/A.

Status:  Entirely downloaded:  Now known as Highbury Avenue.

Road info:  Highway 126 is in fair condition for its freeway length between Highway 401 and Hamilton Road in London.  The concrete on the highway is original to its 1965 construction date but has been regularly maintained and is surprisingly smooth.  The freeway section is posted at 100km/h.  North of Hamilton Road, and south of Highway 401 Highbury Avenue is a conventional city arterial.


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Communities and Major Intersections located along Highway 126 from South to North:

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Since downloading the City of London has designated Highway 126, Highbury Avenue.

City of London ----- --- Wilton Grove Road
City of London ----- --- King's Highway 401
City of London ----- --- Bradley Avenue
City of London ----- --- Commissioner's Road
City of London ----- --- Hamilton Road

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