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King's Highway 2 -

Highway 2 is the most important highway in Ontario Highway History, bar none!  Highway 2 was known originally as the 'Trans-Provincial Highway".  It was the first highway to span the entire province from the Windsor to the Quebec border near Montreal.  Highway 2 was almost completely transferred to local municipalities during during the late 1990s.  Only two short segments remain in the provincial highway network.  Highway 2 exists concurrently with Highway 49 near Marysville, and between the Thousand Islands Parkway and Highway 401 near Gananoque.  Sporadic Highway 2 signage exists in several locations across the province, particularly within former connecting links where the road has not been assumed by any county or regional government.

Highway 2 was bypassed by Highway 401 in the 1950's and 60's.  The 401 has taken on many of the roles that Highway 2 once performed.

Old style Highway 2 marker cosigned with a very dated Heritage Highway marker.


Western Terminus:  The EC Rowe Expressway in Windsor.

Eastern Terminus:  Historically, Highway 2 ends at the PQ border where the road becomes Route 338.  More recently Highway 2 ended at the Highway 34/401 interchange near South Lancaster.

Length:  834.6 km

Multiplexes:  Obviously, there aren't any multiplexes along Highway 2 at present.  Before downloading however, Highway 2 was multiplexed with Highway 40, Highway 4, Highway 19, Highway 59, Highway 24, Highway 53, Highway 8, Highway 6, Highway 33, Highway 62, Highway 49, and Highway 138.

Freeway:  Concurrent with the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

AADT (1994):  Highest:  34 200, between Liverpool Road and Whites Road in Pickering;

                             Lowest:  1 400, between Wardsville and Middlesex Road 14, southwest of London.

Road Info:  Highway 2 is a very diverse highway.  At times it is a very modern four lane divided or undivided highway with partially paved shoulders.  Other times, the highway is a narrow poorly designed road with little in the way of shoulders.  That said, Highway 2 passes through a very substantial part of Southern Ontario.  The road is by no means a quick way across the province, but it is quite scenic in many regions, and is a great way to experience small town Ontario.


Highway 2 information:  

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Because of Highway 2's length, route information appars across the following four pages.

Page 1 (Windsor - Clarence Street, London)     Page 2 (London - QEW, Toronto)

Page 3 (Toronto - Lasalle Causeway, Kingston     Page 4 (Kingston - Highway 34, Lancaster)

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