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The QEW is Ontario's oldest and most storied superhighway.  Depending on where you look at it from, the highway starts near the western boundary of Toronto, following a series of concession lines just to the north of Lake Ontario.  The highway stretches through Mississauaga, Oakville and Burlington in this fashion, before reaching the Highway 403/407 "mega-interchange" in Burlington.  There, the QEW radically changes direction, bee-lining across the Burlington Beaches via twin high-level skyway bridges.  Beyond the Skyway the freeway once again follows a concession line easterly through Hamilton, Stony Creek, Grimsby, Fruitland, to St. Catharines.  East of St. Catharines, the QEW meets the 405, (the first of three major connections to the USA), and heads southerly towards Niagara Falls.  The QEW meets, Highway 420 in Niagara Falls, and then bee-lines directly for Fort Erie, and yet another major connection to the USA

I would like to invite everyone reading this page to have a look at Cameron Bevers' TheKingsHighway.ca website.  Its QEW history and historical photos are very impressive, and while I could try to rewrite the storied history of this highway, I simply can't do it justice.  The QEW is Ontario's first superhighway.  It was among the finest roads in the world when it first opened to traffic.  The tradgety of the highway, is that today so much of it has been rebuilt to modern 'standards' that the story of how Ontario's transportation advances built such a great province is often lost.

Old Style QEW Shield


Fort Erie Terminus:  The QEW ends at the Peace Bridge Plaza in Fort Erie.

Toronto Terminus:  Pre-1997:  At the Humber River Bridge in Etobicoke.

                                      Currently:  At the Highway 427 interchange in Etobicoke. 

Length:  Pre-1997: 144.1 km.  Current: (approx) 139 km. 

Multiplexes:  22.2 km with the Highway 403 through Burlington and Oakville.

Freeway:  Entire Length.

AADT (2002):  Highest: 166,500, from Hurontario Street to Cawthra Road in Mississauga;

                              Lowest: 18,400 from Concession Road to Thompson Road in Fort Erie.

Road Info: The QEW is generally in good condition for much of its length, though because of the storied history of the route, there is a lot of variation in condition.  Most of the QEW is fairly modern with the exception of the sections through St Catharines and Niagara Falls.  Extensive reconstruction projects are underway through both of these areas to upgrade and modernize the highway


Queen Elizabeth Way information:


Detailed Route information available below
Virtual Tour and other photos of the QEW

TheKingsHighway.ca History of the QEW
Photographic History of the QEW

VintageKingsHighways.com   1980s and 1990s Vintage QEW photos

Interchanges along the QEW from Fort Erie to Toronto

Proper Municipality Name Exit # Intersecting Road North / West Control City South / East Control City

The Queen Elizabeth Way connects to New York Interstate 190 via the Peace Bridge.

Town of Fort Erie --- Highway 3 (Niagara Road 3) & Central Avenue (Niagara Road 124)

Town of Fort Erie

Population: 28 000

Town of Fort Erie 1 Concession Road
Town of Fort Erie 2 Thompson Road (Niagara Road 122)
Town of Fort Erie 5 Gilmore Road (Niagara Road 19)
Town of Fort Erie 7 Bowen Road (Niagara Road 21) Stevensville
Fort Erie - Niagara Falls Boundary 12 Netherby Road (Niagara Road 25)  
City of Niagara Falls 16 Sodom Road (Niagara Road 116)
City of Niagara Falls 21 Lyons Creek Road (Niagara Road 47) Welland Chippawa
City of Niagara Falls 27 McLeod Road (Niagara Road 49)

City of Niagara Falls

City of Niagara Falls 30 King's Highway 420 Niagara Falls U.S.A. City of Niagara Falls
City of Niagara Falls 32 Thorold Stone Road (Niagara Road 57) City of Niagara Falls, Population: 76 000 - 7 Interchanges
Downtown via Highway 420
City of Niagara Falls 34 Mountain Road (Niagara Road 101)
Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake 37 - Niagara Bound Partial Interchange King's Highway 405   Queenston, Lewiston U.S.A.
Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake 38 Glendale Road (Niagara Road 89) & Niagara Stone Road (Niagara Road 55) Niagara-on-the-Lake -----
City of St. Catharines 44 Niagara Street (Niagara Road 48) & Service Rd

City of St. Catharines

Population: 130 000.  6 Interchanges

Downtown via Ontario Street-Niagara Bound, Niagara Street-Toronto Bound

City of St. Catharines 46 Lake Street (Niagara Road 44)
City of St. Catharines 47 Ontario Street (Niagara Road 42)
City of St. Catharines 38 Martindale Road
City of St. Catharines 49 King's Highway 406   Port Colborne, Thorold, Welland
City of St. Catharines 51 Seventh Street (Niagara Road 87) St. Catharines
Town of Lincoln 55 Jordan Road (Niagara Road 26) ----- Jordan Station
Town of Lincoln 57 Victoria Avenue (Niagara Road 24) ----- Vineland
Town of Lincoln 64 Ontario Street (Niagara Road 18) ----- Beamsville
Town of Grimsby 68 Bartlett Avenue (Niagara Road 14)
Town of Grimsby 71 Maple Avenue & Christie Street  & Ontario Street (Niagara Road 12)
Town of Grimsby 74 Casablanca Boulevard (Niagara Road 10)
City of Hamilton 78 Fifty Road City of Hamilton
Population: 550 000

Downtown via Highway 403 West

City of Hamilton 83 Fruitland Road
City of Hamilton 88 Highway 20 (Hamilton Road 20, Centennial Parkway)
City of Hamilton 89 Red Hill Valley Parkway
City of Hamilton 90 Burlington Street
City of Hamilton 91 - Toronto Bound Partial Interchange Eastport Drive
City of Burlington 93 - Niagara Bound Partial Interchange Eastport Drive Burlington
City of Burlington 97 Highway 2 (North Shore Boulevard)
City of Burlington 99 - Toronto Bound Partial Interchange Plains Road & Fairview Street
City of Burlington 100 King's Highway 403-West & Highway 407 ETR Hamilton, Brantford via 403 407 does not use control cities
City of Burlington 101 - Niagara Bound Partial Interchange Brant Street (Halton Road 18)

City of Burlington

Population: 151 000

Downtown via North Shore Boulevard and Brant Street

City of Burlington 102 Guelph Line (Halton Road 1)
City of Burlington 105 Walkers Line
City of Burlington 107 Appleby Line (Halton Road 20)
Burlington - Oakville Boundary 109 Burloak Drive (Halton Road 21)
Town of Oakville
Population: 165 000

Downtown via Dorval Drive and Kerr Street

Town of Oakville 110 - Niagara Bound Partial Interchange South Service Road
Town of Oakville 111 Highway 25 (Halton Road 25, Bronte Road)
Town of Oakville 113 Third Line
Town of Oakville 116 Dorval Drive (Halton Road 17)
Town of Oakville 117 - Niagara Bound Partial Interchange Kerr Street
Town of Oakville 118 Trafalgar Road (Halton Road 3)
Town of Oakville 119 - Toronto Bound Partial Interchange Royal Windsor Drive
Town of Oakvile 123 Ford Drive & King's Highway 403-East Oakville Toronto via 403
Oakville - Mississauga Boundary 124 Winston Churchill Boulevard (Halton Road 19) Mississauga
City of Mississauga 126 Southdown Road & Erin Mills Parkway (Peel Road 1)

City of Mississauga

Population: 624,000


5-Toronto-Bound, 6-Niagra-Bound Interchanges

City of Mississauga 130 Mississauga Road
City of Mississauga 132 Highway 10 (Hurontario Street)
City of Mississauga 134 Cawthra Road (Peel Road 17)
City of Mississauga 136 - Niagara Bound Partial Interchange Dixie Road (Peel Road 4)
City of Toronto 138 - Toronto Bound Partial Interchange Evans Avenue City of Toronto
City of Toronto 139 King's Highway 427
Current (Since 1997) Toronto Terminus of Queen Elizabeth Way.  Highway known as Gardiner Expressway from 427 easterly.
City of Toronto 141 Kipling Avenue City of Toronto
Population: 2,462,000
City of Toronto 142 Islington Avenue
City of Toronto 144 Park Lawn Road
City of Toronto 145 Highway 2 (Lakeshore Boulevard)
City of Toronto --- Gardiner Expressway

Queen Elizabeth Way Ends.

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