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Highway 406 is a short commuter highway that runs along the west side of the Welland Canal, through Downtown St. Catharines, from Welland to the QEW.  Of note, Highway 406 is one of the three Ontario 400-series highways that is not fully a freeway -- the highway is two-lanes undivided south of Port Robinson Road in Thorold.

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  Southern Terminus:  At East Main Street (Hwy 7146) in Welland.

Northern Terminus:  At the QEW interchange located in western St. Catharines.

Length:  25.0 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  From south of Beaverdams Road in Thorold northerly.

AADT (2002):  Highest: 49,600 from Glendale Avenue northerly to Westchester Avenue;

                             Lowest:  12,700 from East Main Street northerly to the Welland River Bridge.

Road Info:  Highway 406 is generally in good condition for its entire length.  The southern portion of highway is currently a limited access highway, that at times can be quite congested.  There is an ongoing construction project that will see the freeway portion of the route extended southerly from Beaverdams Road to Port Robinson Road.  Through Downtown St. Catharines, because of some rather sharp curves, the highway has a posted speed limit of only 80km/h as opposed to the standard 100km/h limit seen on most freeways.  The rest of the freeway stretches of Highway 406 are posted at 100km/h while the two-lane portion is posted at 80km/h.


Highway 406 information:  

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Table with 3 columns shows Highway 406 information when it is a conventional two-lane highway.  Table with 5 columns shows Highway 406 information when it is a freeway.  Information is arranged from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name


Intersecting Road

Proper Municipality Name Distance Interchange Name North / West Control City South / East Control City
City of Welland 0km / 25.0km East Main Street (Niagara Road 27 & Highway 7146) -- Interchange proposed
City of Welland 2.7km / 22.3km Woodlawn Road (Highway 7236) -- Interchange proposed
City of Thorold 4.8km / 20.2km

Merrit Road (Highway 58-South, Niagara Road 37) -- Interchange proposed

City of Thorold ---

Port Robinson Road -- Access to be closed during future construction project

Between Port Robinson Road and Highway 20, Highway 406 transitions from a two lane highway to a four-lane freeway.

City of Thorold 8.6km / 16.4km Highway 20 & Highway 58-North (Niagara Road 20, Canboro Road) Fonthill Niagara Falls
City of Thorold 11.6km / 13.3km Beaverdams Road (Niagara Road 67) ----- -----
Thorold - St. Catharines Boundary 14.2km / 10.8km King's Highway 58 & St. Davids Road (Niagara Road 71) St. Catharines Thorold, Niagara Falls
City of St. Catharines 16.2km / 8.7km Glendale Avenue (Niagara Road 89) St. Catharines
Population 130 000

St. Catharines Downtown Via Geneva Street North

City of St. Catharines 19.2km / 5.8km Westchester Avenue
City of St. Catharines --- Geneva Street
City of St. Catharines 21.2km / 3.7km Fourth Avenue (Niagara Road 77)
City of St. Catharines 25.0km / 0km Queen Elizabeth Way Toronto Niagara

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