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Before downloading, Highway 20 ran through the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, starting at the QEW in Hamilton and running to Montrose Road in Niagara Falls.  The highway served the many communities located through the centre of the Peninsula, as well as served as a useful alternate to the often congested QEW.  Despite the highways importance, it was downloaded virtually in its entirety in 1998.  Only a short 1.9km long segment of Highway 20 was retained in the provincial network, reportedly as it could be incorporated as part of the future Mid-Peninsula freeway corridor.

New Style Highway 20 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Pre-1998: At QEW interchange number 88 in the City of Hamilton
                                        Current: At the eastern Highway 58 junction near Allanburg

Eastern Terminus:  Pre-1998: At Montrose Avenue in Niagara Falls just southwest of the Highway 420/QEW interchange.
                                       Current: At the Townline Road intersection at the  Thorold-Niagara Falls Boundary

Length:  Pre-1998: 63.6km.  Current: 1.9km

Multiplexes:  Before downloading, there was a 3.5km co-designation with Highway 58 near Allanburg

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  Highest:  29,000, from King Street in Stoney Creek southerly to Mud Street;

                             Lowest:  3,750, from Bismark easterly to Niagara Road 24.

Road Info:  Highway 20 is for the most part in good shape for its entire length.  Centennial Parkway was probably the low point for maintenance of the entire highway as it was a connecting link maintained by the city of Hamilton.  Highway 20 is without a doubt a viable alternative to the QEW.


Highway 20 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 20 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

Highway 20 has been downloaded to the City of Hamilton.  It is known as Centennial Parkway between the QEW and Elfrida, and County road 20 for the remaining section in Hamilton

City of Hamilton Hamilton --- (0km) / --- (63.6km) Queen Elizabeth Way
City of Hamilton Hamilton --- (0.8km) / --- (62.8km) Barton Street
City of Hamilton (Former) Hamilton - Stoney Creek Limits --- (1.9km) / --- (61.7km) Highway 8 (Queenston Road)
City of Hamilton Stoney Creek --- (3.3km) / --- (60.3km) King Street
Stoney Creek Mountain Access
City of Hamilton Stoney Creek --- (5.0km) / --- (58.5km) Ridge Road
City of Hamilton Stoney Creek --- (6.5km) / --- (57.1km) Mud Street (Formerly Hamilton Road 411)

EB:  Turn Left at Elfrida (signed as County Road 20).  WB:  Turn Right onto Centennial Parkway (no mention of Highway 20)

City of Hamilton Elfrida --- (8.4km) / --- (55.2km) Highway 53 (Rymal Road) & Highway 56 (Hamilton Road 56)
City of Hamilton (Former) Stoney Creek South Limits --- (11.2 km) / --- (52.4km) -----
City of Hamilton ----- --- (11.6km) / --- (51.9km) Tapleytown Road (Formerly Hamilton Road 434)
City of Hamilton ----- --- (11.9km) / --- (51.7km) Woodburn Road (Formerly Hamilton Road 634)

Hamilton-Niagara Boundary:  In Niagara, Highway 20 is now known as Niagara Road 20.  In Hamilton, Highway 20 is known as Hamilton Road 20.

Township of West Lincoln Fulton --- -----
Township of West Lincoln ----- --- (18.2km) / --- (45.4km) Caistor Centre Road (Formerly Niagara Road 6)
Township of West Lincoln ----- --- (20.1km) / --- (43.5km) Grassie Road (Formerly Niagara Road 8)
Township of West Lincoln Kimbo --- -----
Township of West Lincoln ----- --- (23.2km) / --- (40.4km) Grimsby Road (Niagara Road 12)
Township of West Lincoln Smithville --- (26.9km) / --- (36.7km) Station Road (Niagara Road 14)

Highway 20 has a small jog in Smithville:  EB:  Turn right at Station Street, then left at the traffic lights.  WB:  Turn Right at the traffic lights (the road ends) and then turn left onto first street past (West Street)

Township of West Lincoln Smithville --- (28.1km) / --- (33.6km) Griffin Street (South) (Niagara Road 614)
Township of West Lincoln ----- --- (30.0km) / --- (32.0km) Twenty Creek Road (Niagara Road 69)

EB:  Turn Left at the four corners of Bismark WB:  Take the ramp to the right, (which bypasses the community) towards Smithville

Township of West Lincoln Bismark --- (34.5km) / --- (29.1km) Silver Street (Niagara Road 65) & Wellandport Road (Niagara Road 27)
West Lincoln - Pelham Boundary Phelham West Limits --- (42.7km) / --- (20.9km) Townline Road (Niagara Road 24)
Town of Pelham ----- --- (45.5km) / --- (18.1km) Balfour Road (Formerly Niagara Road 28)
Town of Pelham ----- --- (48.6km) / --- (15.0km) Effingham Street (Formerly Niagara Road 32)
Town of Pelham Fonthill --- (49.9km) / --- (13.7km) Canboro Road (Niagara Road 63)
Town of Pelham Fonthill --- (50.6km) / --- (13.2km) Pelham Street (Niagara Road 36)
Town of Pelham ----- --- (51.3km) / --- (12.3km) Rice Road (Niagara Road 54)
Pelham - Thorold Boundary Pelham - Thorold Limits --- (51.5km) / --- (12.1km) -----
City of Thorold Turner's Corners --- (52.3km) / --- (10.7km) Merittville Road (Niagara Road 50)
City of Thorold ----- --- (54.2km) / --- (9.3km) King's Highway 406 & Highway 58-South
City of Thorold Allenburg --- -----

Current Western Terminus of Highway 20 is located at Highway 58-North

City of Thorold Black Horse Corner 0km (57.6km) / 1.9km (6.0km) King's Highway 58-North & Allanport Road (Niagara Road 82)
Thorold - Niagara Falls Townline Thorold - Niagara Falls Limits 1.9km (59.4km) / 0km (4.1km) Townline Road (Niagara Road 70)

Current Western Terminus of Highway 20 is located at Highway 58-North

East of Townline Road, Highway 20 is once again known as Niagara Road 20

City of Niagara Falls Niagara Falls --- Kalar Road
City of Niagara Falls Niagara Falls --- (63.5km) / --- (0.1km) Beverdams Road (Niagara Road 53)
City of Niagara Falls Niagara Falls --- (63.6km) / --- (0km) Montrose Road (Niagara Road 98)
Highway 20 officially ended at Montrose Road (Niagara Road 98), originally 20 continued into Niagara Falls, but was truncated here in an earlier bout of downloading

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