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Highway 6 was downloaded in 1998 to the city of Norfolk County west of Port Dover, its now called Haldimand Norfolk Highway 6.  Highway 6's routing in Hamilton also changed in the 90's, now instead of heading through the congested downtown via Upper James Street,  Victoria Road, King Street, Dundurn Street, and York Road northbound. Heading south, it was York Road, Dundurn Street, Main Street, Wellington Street, and Upper James Street.  It now follows the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway to the 403.  This change in Highway 6's routing through Hamilton has made 6 discontinuous along Highway 403.

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Intersecting Road

West of Port Dover Highway 6 has been downloaded and named Haldimand Norfolk Highway 6

City of Norfolk County   Highway 24 (Haldimand Norfolk Highway 24)
City of Norfolk County Port Dover Cockshut Road (Haldimand Norfolk Road 5)

Provincial Control over Highway 6 begins northerly at the east end of Port Dover

City of Norfolk County Woodhouse Acres  
City of Norfolk County Dogs Nest  
Norfolk - Haldimand Boundary   Haldimand Norfolk Road 3
City of Haldimand County Varency Haldimand Norfolk Road 70
City of Haldimand County Jarvis King's Highway 3
City of Haldimand County   Haldimand Norfolk Road 69
City of Haldimand County   Haldimand Norfolk Road 55
City of Haldimand County Garnet  
City of Haldimand County   Sandusk Road (Haldimand Norfolk Road 18)
City of Haldimand County   Haldimand Norfolk Road 27
City of Haldimand County   Haldimand Norfolk Road 9
City of Haldimand County Hagersville Haldimand Norfolk Road 20
City of Haldimand County Willow Grove 4th Line (Haldimand Road 29)
City of Haldimand County Caledonia (Bypass) (No access to Highway 54)
City of Haldimand County   Greens Road (Haldimand Norfolk Road 66)
City of Hamilton   White Church Road (Hamilton Road 52)
City of Hamilton Mount Hope (Bypass) Airport Road (Hamilton Road 27)
City of Hamilton North Glanford Dickenson Road (Hamilton Road 629)
City of Hamilton Hamilton Highway 53 (Rymal Road)
City of Hamilton Hamilton Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway (The Linc)

When "The Link" opened Highway 6 was routed away from downtown Hamilton to the 403 via "The Linc".  The old routing is very obsolete and will not be included in this table.

City of Hamilton Hamilton Garth Street
City of Hamilton Hamilton Mohawk Street
City of Hamilton Hamilton King's Highway 403 & Rousseaux Street

Highway 6 is now discontinuous as it is not concurrent with Highway 403, there are however many trailblazers indicating how to continue along the next portion of Highway 6

For the interchanges along Highway 403 between the two sections of Highway 6 see the Highway 403 page (coming soon).

Later this year a new Hamilton Bypass of Highway 6 will be completed once again changing Highway 6's routing in the Hamilton area once again.  Hopefully at this point Highway 6 will be properly multiplexed along Highway 403 linking the two separate sections of 6

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