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Highway 87 was yet another one of those illogical (cost-cutting) downloads.  87 connects Highway 86 to Highway 9 (via a small jog on Highway 89 near Harriston).  It was a good connection from Lake Huron for those who wanted to travel East-West without the strong north-south bias that is seen on Highway 86.

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  Western Terminus:  At Highway 86 (Huron Road 86) in Bluevale

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 89 just southwest of Harriston

Length: 29.6 km

Multiplexes:  none

Freeway: No

Road info:  Highway 87 has very nice pavement widths with very nice smooth asphalt, but does appear to have been last rehabilitated by the County of Huron.

Communities and Major Intersections Located on Highway 87 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Name

Highway 87 is known as Huron Road 87 in Huron County

Township of Morris-Turnberry Bluevale 0 km / 29.6km Highway 86 (Huron Road 86)
Morris-Turnberry - Howick Boundary Wroxeter 8.1 km / 21.5 km Bellmore Line South (Huron Road 12)
Township of Howick Wroxeter --- Bellmore Line North (Huron Road 12)
Township of Howick ----- 12.2 km / 17.4 km Gorrie Line (Huron Road 28)
Township of Howick ----- --- McIntosh Line (Huron Road 28)
Township of Howick ----- 17.5 km / 12.1 km Fordwhich Line (Huron Road 30)

Highway 87 is know as Wellington Road 87 in Wellington County

Town of Minto ----- 29.6 km / 0 km King's Highway 89

Highway 87 ENDS

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