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King's Highway 92 -

Highway 92 is a short highway that was transferred to the Town of Wasaga Beach and the County of Simcoe on January 1, 1998.  Highway 92 linked Highway 26 at Wasaga Beach to Highway 27 at Elmvale.  Since being transferred to local municipalities, Highway 92 is now known as Mosely Street, River Road, and Simcoe Road 92.

Highway 92 Directional Sign

  Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 26 in the western end of Wasaga Beach.

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 27 in Elmvale.

Length:  23.9km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  4,400 from Wasaga Beach easterly to Elmvale;

Status:  Totally downloaded in 1998, now known as Mosely Street, River Road and Simcoe Road 92.

Road Info: Highway 92 is in good condition for its entire length.  Highway 92 is fairly inefficient through Wasaga Beach, it is however an effective route between Wasaga and Elmvale.  Rural portions of Highway 92 are posted at 80km/h.


Highway 92 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections Located on Highway 92 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Name

Highway 92 is signed as Mosely Street, River Road, and as Simcoe Road 92.

Town of Wasaga Beach Wasaga Beach 0.0km / 23.9km 45th Street South
Town of Wasaga Beach Wasaga Beach --- Sunnidale Road (To Simcoe Road 10)
Town of Wasaga Beach Wasaga Beach --- River Road (West Jct)
Town of Wasaga Beach Wasaga Beach --- River Road (East Ject)
Wasaga Beach / Springwater Boundary Wasaga Beach East Limits 13.6km / 10.3km -----
Township of Springwater ----- / 6.3km Simcoe Road 29
Township of Springwater (Former) Elmvale West Limits 22.9km / 1.0km -----
Township of Springwater Elmvale 23.9km / 0km Highway 27 (Simcoe Road 27, Yonge Street)

Highway 92 ENDS

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