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Highway 602 is the part of the original colonizational road between Fort Frances and Rainy River.  The highway follows the Rainy River (which is coincidentally, the Canada-USA border), generally within one kilometre of the river for the highways entire length.  602 serves primarily local traffic, as through traffic would speed along the much more direct Highway 11/71 to the north.

Secondary Highway 602 Shield

  Western Terminus: Junction Highway 11/71 in Fort Frances

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 11/71 in Emo

Length:  47.1km

Multiplexes:  None

Orientation: East-West

Regions Served: Rainy River District

AADT (2002):  90, for the entire length of Highway 602.

Road Info:  Highway 602 is in very good condition for the highways entire length.  The highway is surfaced in tar and chip and surprisingly does not have a painted centre line.  Aside from the odd sharp curve, Highway 602 has good geometry and has a posted 80km/h speed limit.


Highway 602 information:  

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Communities and Intersections along and Highway 602 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
Township of Emo Emo 0km / 47.1km King's Highway 11/71
Township of Emo ----- 12.4km / 34.7km Aylsworth Road #2
Township of La Vallee ----- 22.2km / 24.9km Secondary Highway 613
Townhip of Alberton ----- 34.7km / 24.9km Secondary Highway 611
Alberton - Fort Frances Boundary Fort Frances West Limits 44.6km / 2.5km Boundary Road
Town of Fort Frances Fort Frances 47.1km / 0 km King's Highway 11/71 (King's Highway)
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