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Main Section:

Western Terminus:
A-40 interchange in Vaudreuil, west of Montreal.

Eastern Terminus: R-133 intersection, just east of the Richelieu River bridge.

Bécancour Section:

Western Terminus: R-132 interchange, just west of the A-55 cloverleaf interchange.

Eastern Terminus: Rivière Gentilly bridge.  The highway continues east as R-132.

Regions: MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, MRC de Beauharnois-Salaberry, MRC de Roussillon, MRC de L'Ajemmerais, MRC du Bas-Richelieu, MRC de Bécancour  

Routing: A-30 begins at A-40 immediately west of the Montreal Island at Vaudreuil.  A-540 follows the former alignment southerly (posted easterly) from A-40 to A-20 and beyond.  In 2012, a new Saint Lawrence River bridge opened to traffic carrying A-30 to the South Shore where it will remain.  On the south shore, A-30 curves easterly, beyond the A-530 interchange and crosses the Beauharnois Canal via a new high-level bridge that also opened to traffic in late 2012.  The highway passes to the south of the Kahnawake Mohawk Reservation and begins a northeastern trajectory beyond its interchange with A-15.  A-30 continues this northeastern trajectory around Longueil  following the South Shore of the Saint Lawrence River to Sorel-Tracy.  The western (and longer) segment of A-30 terminates just east of the high level Richelieu River bridge in Sorel-Tracy.  An additional segment of A-30 begins easterly from the Route 132 interchange immediately west of the A-55 cloverleaf in Bécancour.  This section is an autoroute in name only, as it is principally a two lane, at-grade roadway.  This section of A-30 ends at the Gentilly River bridge just east of Bécancour.

Virtual Tour of A-30:

Pages show both eastbound and westbound photos, arranged in order from west to east along the entire length of the highway.  Pages include both center-line and sign photos.  

Page 1 - Vaydreuil to Candiac

Page 2 - Candiac to Sorel-Tracyl


Page 4 - Bécancour


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