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Highway 102 is a short-cut route, shaving 15 kilometres of the route from Sistonen's Coreners to Thunder Bay, compared to Highway 11/17.  Before being designated Highway 102 in the 1970s, the route was known as King's Highway 11A/17A, which (I think at least) better denoted that the route is in fact an alternate to both Highways 11 and 17.  Prior to downloading, Highway 102 continued east of the Thunder Bay expressway into Downtown Port Arthur, where it ended at Highway 11B/17B (Cumberland Street).

This is the second Highway 102 to be designated in Ontario.  The first existed in Hamilton in the 1950s and 60s.  The first highway 102 is now known as Cootes Drive.

For more detailed information about Highway 102 in Hamilton, click here (external link).

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Western Terminus:  At the Highway 11/17 junction at Sistonen's Corners

Eastern Terminus: Current:  Junction Highway 11/17 on the Thunder Bay bypass. 
  Pre 1997:  At Highway 11B/17B (Cumberland Street) in downtown Port Arthur.

Length:  Current: 33.0 km.  Pre Downloading:  36.1 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  No

AADT (2002):  Highest: 20,400 from Strand Avenue in Thunder Bay to Highway 11/17 (Thunder Bay jct);

                             Lowest:  2,400 from Highway 11/17 at Sitsons Corners to the Thunder Bay twp western limits

Road Info:  Highway 102 is built and maintained to Trans-Canada Highway standards for its entire length.  102 has a posted speed limit of 90km/h for its entire rural length.  A speed limit above 80km/h is pretty rare for undivided highways in Ontario, and is only used for very well maintained routes.

Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 102 from East to West:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Road
District of Thunder Bay Sistonen's Corners 0 km / 36.1 km King's Highway 11/17
City of Thunder Bay ----- 22.5 km / 13.6 km Mapleward Road
City of Thunder Bay ----- 26.3 km / 9.8 km Secondary Highway 589
City of Thunder Bay North McIntyre --- Government Road
City of Thunder Bay Thunder Bay --- Hilldale Road
City of Thunder Bay Thunder Bay 33.0 km /  3.1 km King's Highway 11/17 (Thunder Bay Expressway)
CURRENT (1998) Eastern Terminus of Highway 102
The decommissioned portion of Highway 102 is known only as Red River Road in the City of Thunder Bay
City of Thunder Bay Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) --- Junot Street
City of Thunder Bay Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) --- Algonquin Avenue
City of Thunder Bay Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) --- High Street
City of Thunder Bay Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) 36.1 km / 0 km Highway 11B/17B (Cumberland Street)

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