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King's Highway 129 -

Highway 129 is a long and remote highway that connects Chapleau to Highway 17 at Thessalon.  It is a very long and desolate highway, but is quite scenic, and is certainly worth a drive if in the area.  Be weary though, Highway 129 is one of the most remote highway's in the province, and for some of its length, is quite below what most southern Ontario drivers would think of King's Highways Standards.  Gasoline is also quite scarce, and expensive on Highway 129.

New Style King's Highway 129 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  At Highway 17/17B in Thessalon

Northern Terminus:  At the south town limits of Chapleau

Length:  221.3 km

Multiplexes:  7.6 km with Highway 101 southwest of Chapleau (this is the only '3di' multiplex in the province).

Freeway:  No

Interesting Facts:  Highway 129 was once part of the Trans-Canada Highway system as the Chapleau Route.  This designation was removed in the early 1980s, however Highway 129 and 101 still provide a much quicker route through Ontario then 17 via Sault Ste Marie.

AADT (2002):  Highest: 2,200 from Highway 101 to the Southern Town Limits of Chapleau;

                             Lowest:  290 from Highway 556 to the Five Mile Provincial Park Entrance.

Road Info:  In some spots Highway 129 resembles a Secondary Highway a lot more then a King's Highway, but considering how remote the highway is for much of its length, I would say that it is in good condition.  Needless to say traffic is very light on Highway 129.

Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 129 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
Township of Thessalon Thessalon 0 km / 221.3 km King's Highway 17 & King's Highway 17B
Township of Thessalon ---- 2.5 km / 218.2 km Little Rapids Road
Township of Thessalon ---- 10.3 km / 211.0 km Thessalon Tree Nursery Road
District of Algoma ----- 30.8 km / 190.5 km Secondary Highway 554
District of Algoma ----- 96.6 km / 124.7 km Secondary Highway 556
District of Sudbury ----- 190.3 km / 31.0 km Secondary Highway 667 (Sultan Road)

At the West Junction of Highway 101: NB: Turn Right towards Chapleau.  SB: Turn left towards Thessalon

District of Sudbury ----- 210.7 km / 10.6 km King's Highway 101-West
Township of Chapleau ----- 218.3 km / 3.0 km King's Highway 101-East
Township of Chapleau Chapleau South Limits 221.3 km / 0 km ------

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Highway 129 - Images

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