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Highway 17 is Ontario's mainline Trans-Canada Highway routing.  17 is Ontario's longest highway at almost 2000 km.  Highway 17 has actually been shrinking in recent years; this is because the section of 17 east of Ottawa was downloaded to local municipalities in 1998, and parts of Highway 17's routing has been incorporated into western Highway 417 extensions.  Because Highway 17 is Ontario's dominant Trans-Canada Highway routing, Highway 17 is maintained very well for its entire length.

JCT King's Highway 17


Western Terminus:  At the Manitoba - Ontario Border west of Kenora.  Highway 17 connects to Winnipeg and beyond via Manitoba Highway 1  (Trans-Canada Highway 1).

Eastern Terminus:  Currently (Fall 2004): At highway 417 and Highway 15 (Ottawa Road 29) just east of Arnprior.  Before 1998: Highway 17 continued easterly (via an unsigned concurrent routing with Highway 417 in Ottawa) to east of Hawkesbury ending at exit 9 on the 417.

Length:  Pre 1998:  2,129.7 km.  Currently:  1,965.3 km.

Multiplexes:  180.1 km with Highway 11 near Thunder Bay, 15.1 km with Highway 64 from Vernor to Sturgeon Falls, and  4.1 km with Highway 11 (again) on the North Bay Bypass.

Freeway: Highway 17 is a freeway that bypasses Sudbury Road 55 (old Hwy 17) southwest of Sudbury.  Highway 17 is a controlled access bypass of Thunder Bay, Sudbury, North Bay, and Pembroke, but these stretches are not fully-freewayalized.  Before downloading Highway 17 was also a freeway from Highway 417 in Ottawa to Trim Road in Orleans (this road is now called Ottawa Road 174).

Trans-Canada Highway: Entire Length, as the Lake Superior Route and the Ottawa Valley Route.

AADT (2002):  Highest: 25,700 from Highway 17B to Seymour Street on the North Bay Bypass;

                             Lowest: 1,750 from Secondary Highway 614 to Secondary Highway 631 (White River).


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