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Before downloading, Highway 148 connected Highway 17 at the Highway 62 junction with Quebec Highway 148, via Downtown Pembroke, and the Pembroke-Allumette Bridge.  In 1998, all portions of Highway 148 west of MacKay Street (Highway 41) were formally decommissioned.  These sections are now known as Renfrew Road 58, Trafalgar Street, and Pembroke Street.  Interestingly, all of Highway 148 was once part of Highway 62.  Highway 62 was renumbered to 148 east of the Pembroke Bypass shortly after the Bypass was constructed.  This renumbering more logically guides travelers to and from Quebec Highway 148.  Also of interest, Highway 148 follows the original alignment of Highway 17 through Downtown Pembroke before the Pembroke Bypass was completed in the early 1980s.

Old Style King's Highway 148 Shield.

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Western Terminus:  Pre-1998: Highway 148 ended at the Highway 17/62 junction on the Pembroke Bypass.
  Highway 148 ends at Highway 41 (MacKay Street) in downtown Pembroke.

Eastern Terminus:  Highway 148 connects to PQ Highway 148 in Quebec.  Highway 148 ends at the Allumette Bridge

Length:  Pre-1998: 14.4 km.  Current: 6.2 km

Multiplexes:  None.

Freeway: No

AADT (2002):  Highest: 10,000, from Pembroke easterly to Renfrew Road 21;

                             Lowest: 4,800, from Renfrew Road 40 easterly to the Ontario-Quebec Boundary.

Road Info:  Highway 148 is in good condition for its entire current length.  Between Pembroke and Renfrew Road 21, the highway is built to very modern standard and is fairly busy.  East of Renfrew Road 21 traffic is much more moderate, and the road is built to an older standard.  Interestingly the portion of Highway 148 east of Renfrew Road 21 was built in conjunction with PQ-148, and could have very easily been incorporated into the ill-fated Autoroute-50 extension.

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 77 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name

Community Name Distance

Major Intersection

The downloaded portion of Highway 148 outside of Pembroke is known as Renfrew Road 58.

Township of Laurentian Valley ----- 0 km / 14.4 km King's Highway 17 & Highway 62 (Renfrew Road 58)
Township of Laurentian Valley ----- 1.3 km / 13.1 km B-Line Road
Township of Laurentian Valley Brumsfield 3.9 km / 10.5 km Renfrew Road 36

At Boundary Road:  EB: Turn Left onto Boundary Road, then Right onto Trafalgar Road.  WB: Turn Left onto Boundary Road, then Right onto Bruham Avenue.

Laurentian Valley - Pembroke Boundary Pembroke West Limits 5.3 km / 9.1 km Boundary Road (Renfrew Road 35)

At Pembroke Street-West:  EB: Turn Right onto Pembroke Street.  WB: Turn left of of Pembroke Street onto Trafalgar Road

City of Pembroke Pembroke --- Pembroke Street (West)

Current Western Terminus of Highway 148 is located at Highway 41 (MacKay Street)

City of Pembroke Pembroke 8.2 km / 6.2 km King's Highway 41 (MacKay Street)
Pembroke - Laurentian Valley Boundary Pembroke East Limits 9.5 km / 4.9 km -----
Township of Laurentian Valley Pleasant View 11.1 km / 3.3 km Drive-In Road (Renfrew Road 29)

At Renfrew Road 21:  EB: Turn Left towards Quebec.  EB: Ramp right towards Pembroke

Township of Laurentian Valley ----- 12.6 km / 1.8 km Renfrew Road 21
Ontario - Quebec Boundary ----- 14.4 km / 0 km Quebec Highway 148

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