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Highway 38 is the major highway leading from Kingston to the Land' O' Lakes Region of Ontario.  The Land' O' Lakes Region is a fairly remote area of the Eastern Ontario dotted with many scenic lakes and many small rural communities.  The southern portion of Highway 38 is a major commuter from the Kingston suburbs into the core of the city.  Highway 38 was downloaded in its entirety on January 1st, 1998.

Old Style King's Highway 38 Shield


Southern Terminus:  Highway 38 ends at the Highway 2 junction in Cataraqui (a suburb of Kingston).

Northern Terminus:  Junction King's Highway 7 just north of Sharbot Lake.

Length:  70.0km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  Highest: 15,500 from Highway 2 northerly to Highway 401near Kingston;

                             Lowest:  1,600 from the Tichborne CPR crossing to the Sharbot Lake CPR overhead.

Status:  Totally downloaded in 1998.  Most of Highway 38 has not been resigned by its local authorities.  In central Frontenac, Highway 38 is known as 'Road 38'  South of Centennial Road in Kingston its known as Gardiner's Road.

Road Info:  Highway 38 is in respectable shape for its entire length.  In the north end, Highway 38 is built to an older standard, but pavement is for the most part smooth.  Approaching Kingston, Highway 38 is built to more of a modern standard, and has higher traffic volumes.


Highway 38 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 38 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Road
Highway 38 is known as Gardiner's Road (Frontenac Road 6) from Highway 2 northerly to Centennial Road
City of Kingston Cataraqui 0 km / 70.0 km Highway 2 (Kingston Road 2, Princess Street)

North of Centennial Road Highway 38 is still posted with provincial shields, Highway 38 is likely known as 'Highway 38' in both Kingston and South Frontenac

City of Kingston ----- 3.0 km / 67.0 km King's Highway 401 (Autoroute M-C Freeway)
City of Kingston Glenvale 8.3 km / 61.7 km Sharpton Road (Frontenac Road 4)
Township of South Frontenac Murvale --- -----
Township of South Frontenac ----- 15.3 km / 54.7 km Yarker Road (Frontenac Road 4)
Township of South Frontenac Harrowsmith 19.5 km / 50.5 km Wilton Road (Frontenac Road 18)
Township of South Frontenac Harrowsmith 19.6 km / 50.4 km Harrowsmith Road (Frontenac Road 5)
Township of South Frontenac Hartington --- -----
Township of South Frontenac ----- 27.9 km / 42.1 km Bellrock Road (Frontenac Road 7)
Township of South Frontenac Verona --- -----
Township of South Frontenac ----- 30.3 km / 39.7 km Desert Lake Road (Frontenac Road 19)
Central Frontenac - South Frontenac Boundary Piccadilly --- -----
Township of Central Frontenac Godfrey 36.2 km / 33.8 km Westport Road (Frontenac Road 8)
Township of Central Frontenac Cole Lake --- -----

In Parkham:  NB: Take the short ramp to the right to continue to northwards to Sharbot Lake.  SB: Turn left towards Kigston.

Township of Central Frontenac Parham 50.5 km / 19.5 km Wagerville Road
Township of Central Frontenac Tichbone --- -----
Township of Central Frontenac Octono --- -----
Township of Central Frontenac ----- 60.6 km / 9.4 km Crow Lake Road
Township of Central Frontenac Sharbot Lake --- -----
Township of Central Frontenac ----- 70.0 km / 0 km King's Highway 7 (TCH: Central Ontario Route)

Highway 38 ENDS

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