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King's Highway 40 -

Highway 40 runs from Highway 401 southeast of Chatham, through Chatham, Wallaceburg, around Sarnia to meet Highway 402 at the Modeland Road interchange.

Old Style King's Highway 40 Shield


Southern Terminus:  Pre-1998: Junction Highway 3 in Blenhiem.

                                         Currently: Highway 401 interchange southeast of Chatham.

Northern Terminus:  Modeland Road interchange at Highway 402 just east of Sarnia.

Length:  Pre-1998: 103.1km.

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  No

AADT (2008):  Highest:  19,400, from London Line to Highway 402;

                             Lowest:  2,700, from Churchill Line northerly Bentpath Line.

Road Info:  Highway 40 is an important highway through Southwestern Ontario, it is well built and moves traffic fairly efficiently.  There are two non-continuous four lane divided segments of highway near Sarnia.  The highway has a rural posted speed limit of 80km/h.


Highway 40 information:

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 Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 40 north from South to North

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

South of Highway 401, Highway 40 is known as Chatham-Kent Road 11, Communications Line.

City of Chatham-Kent Blenheim (0km) / (103.1km) Highway 3 (Chatham-Kent Road 3, Marlborough Road)
City of Chatham-Kent (Former) Blenheim North Limits (1.0 km) / (128.2 km) -----

Current Southern (1998) Terminus of Highway 40

City of Chatham-Kent ------ (9.9km) / (93.2km) King's Highway 401 (Autoroute Macdonald-Cartier Freeway)
City of Chatham-Kent ----- (10.2km) / (92.9km) Chatham-Kent Road 14-East
City of Chatham-Kent ------ (11.4km) / (91.7km) Chatham-Kent Road 14-West
City of Chatham-Kent ----- (15.5km) / (87.9km) Chatham-Kent Road 18-East
City of Chatham-Kent (Former) Chatham South Limits (16.1km) / (87.0km) Chatham-Kent Road 18-West (former alignment of Highway 40 North)

At Longwoods Road:  NB: Turn Left towards Wallaceburg.  SB: Turn Right towards Highway 401.

City of Chatham-Kent Chatham --- Highway 2-East (Chatham-Kent Road 2, Longwoods Road) & Prince Edwards Road (Chatham-Kent Road 30)

At Grand Avenue:  NB: Turn Right towards Wallaceburg.  SB: Turn Left towards Highway 401.

City of Chatham-Kent Chatham (22.2km) / (80.9km) Highway 2-West (Chatham-Kent Road 2, Grand Avenue)
City of Chatham-Kent (Former) Chatham North Limits (25.5km) / (77.6km) -----
City of Chatham-Kent ----- (29.0km / (74.1km) Chatham-Kent Road 35
City of Chatham-Kent Oungah (33.3km) / (69.8km) Countryview Line (Chatham-Kent Road 29)
City of Chatham-Kent ----- (40.4km) / (62.7km) Chatham-Kent Road 42 (Electric Line & Oilfield Line)
City of Chatham-Kent (Former) Wallaceburg South Limits (47.7km) / (55.4km) Base Line (Chatham-Kent Road 15)

At Highway 78:  NB: Turn Left towards Sarnia.  SB: Turn Right towards Chatham.

City of Chatham-Kent Wallaceburg (49.5km) / (53.6km) Highway 78 (Chatham-Kent Road 78, James Street)
City of Chatham-Kent (Former) Wallaceburg West Limits (51.4km) / (51.7km) -----

At Kent Road 33:  NB: Follow the ramp to the right towards Sarnia.  SB: Turn Leftt towards Wallaceburg.

City of Chatham-Kent ----- (60.1km) / (43.0km) (Dufferin Avenue) Kent Road 33
Township of St. Clair ----- (64.1km) / (39.0km) Lambton Road 1
Township of St. Clair ----- (66.9km) / (36.2km) Lambton Road 28
Township of St. Clair ----- --- Bentpath Line (Lambton Road 2)
Township of St. Clair ----- --- Bickford Line (Lambton Road 36)
Township of St. Clair ----- (77.7km) / (25.4km) Highway 80 (Lambton Road 80, Courtright Line)
Township of St. Clair ----- (85.7km) / (17.4km) Petrolia Line (Lambton Road 4)
St. Clair / Sarnia Boundary Sarnia South Limits (88.4km) / (14.7km) -----

At Churchill Line:  NB: Follow the ramp to the right towards Highway 402.  SB: Turn Left towards Wallaceburg.

City of Sarnia Sarnia (91.2km) / (11.9km) Churchill Line (Old Highway 40)
City of Sarnia (Former) Sarnia East Limits (93.9km) / (9.2km) Indian Line
City of Sarnia ----- (96.3km) / (6.8km) Park Road (Lambton Road 20)
City of Sarnia ----- (99.0km) / (4.1km) Confederation Street (Lambton Road 25)
City of Sarnia ----- (100.4km) / (2.7km) Wellington Street (Lambton Road 17)
City of Sarnia ----- (101.8km) / (1.3km) Highway 7 (Lambton Road 22, London Line)
City of Sarnia ----- (102.5km) / (0.6km) King's Highway 402
City of Sarnia ----- (103.1km) / (0km) Modeland Road

Highway 40 ENDS

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