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King's Highway 3B -

Highway 3B, now transferred to the City of Windsor, was a signed route that linked Highway 401 at what is today's Dougall Parkway to the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel in Downtown Windsor. 

Jurisdictional transfer sign for Highway 3B


Northern Terminus:  Lawson Road interchange, Kingston Road begins westerly.

Southern Terminus:  Highway 401 interchange at Port Union Road.

Length:  9.7km

Multiplexes:  None.

Freeway:  While officially designated as Highway 401, Highway 3B was signed along what has become the Dougall Parkway and was a freeway between Howard Avenue and the Highway 401 interchange.

AADT (1994):  Unknown.

Status:  Totally downloaded in 1998.  Now known as Ouellette Avenue, Dougall Avenue and the Dougall Parkway.

Road Info:  Highway 3B was a conventional city street in Windsor much more than it was a highway.  Highway 3B is known as the Dougall Parkway, Dougall Avenue, and Ouellette Avenue through the city.  Travelers bound to the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel should note that while Highway 3B is the route from Highway 401 to the tunnel, the tunnel is actually not directly accessed from Ouellette Avenue.  Tunnel traffic must turn right on Wyandotte Street, followed by a left turn on Goyeau Street to access the Canadian portal.  Aside from the short freeway segment where the former Highway 3B interchanges with Highway 401, the speed limit along the former Highway 3B is posted at 50km/h.


Highway 3B information:  

Detailed Route information available below
Virtual Tour of Highway 3B   History of Highway 3B
Photographic History of Highway 3B

Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 3B from Tunnel to South:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Name
City of Windsor Windsor 0km / 9.7km Riverside Drive
City of Windsor Windsor --- University Avenue
City of Windsor Windsor --- Wyandotte Street (To Detroit-Windsor Tunnel)
City of Windsor Windsor --- Tecumseh Road
City of Windsor Windsor --- E. C. Row Expressway (Highway 2)
City of Windsor Windsor --- Cabana Road
City of Windsor Windsor --- Howard Avenue
City of Windsor Windsor --- 6th Concession Road
City of Windsor Windsor 9.7km / 0km King's Highway 401 (Autoroute Macdonald-Cartier Freeway)

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