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Highway 409 is a short connector highway that runs from Highway 401 in Etobicoke to Pearson International Airport.  Highway 409 also links Highway 401 East to Highway 427 North; direct ramps for these movements do not exist at the large 401/427 mega interchange located to the south.  In 2007, as part of a massive Airport reconstruction, all portions of Highway 409 west of Highway 427 were transferred to the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA).  This transfer was completed to accommodate the Airports desire to expand the complex Pearson International Airport Road network east of Airport Road

King's Highway 409 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Pre-2005: At Pearson International Airport in Malton.
                                        Current: At the Highway 427 interchange in western Etobicoke

Eastern Terminus:  At the Highway 401 interchange in Etobicoke.

Length:  Pre-2005: 5.4 km.  Current: 4.1 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  Entire Length

AADT (2002):  Highest: 99,700, from Kipling Avenue easterly to Highway 401 in Etobicoke;

                             Lowest: 59,600, from Airport Road easterly to Highway 427.

Road Info:  Highway 409 was fully reconstructed in 2009/10 and is excellent condition..  Highway 409 is a well-traveled freeway, though typically does not experience any congestion (though queuing is common during peak times at some of the ramps to both Highway 427 and Highway 401).  Most of Highway 409 has a posted speed limit of 100km/h, with the exception of the area near the Airport, where speed limits drop to 60km/h due to the complexity of the Airport network.


Highway 409 information:  

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Interchanges along Highway 409 from East to West:

Proper Municipality Name Distance Interchange Name North / West Control City South / East Control City
City of Mississauga 0 km / 5.4 km Airport Road (Peel Road 7) Mississauga

Current Western Terminus of Highway 409 is located at Highway 427.  West of Highway 427, 409 was absorbed and reconfigured into the Pearson Airport Road Network

Mississauga - Toronto Boundary 1.4 km / 4.1 km King's Highway 427 Toronto
City of Toronto 2.4 km / 3.0 km Atwell Drive - West Side Partial Interchange
City of Toronto 4.0 km / 1.4 km Martin Grove Road
City of Toronto 5.1 km / 0.3 km Kipling Avenue - East Side Partial Interchange
City of Toronto 5.4 km / 0 km King's Highway 401   Toronto

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