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King's Highway 410 -

Highway 410 is a relative newcomer to the 400-series highway network of Ontario.  The highway stretches from the Highway 401/403 interchange in northern Mississauga to Hurontario Street in Caledon.

Highway 410 and Highway 7 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  At Highway 401/410 mega interchange in northern Mississauga

Northern Terminus:  Highway 10/Hurontario Street interchange in Caledon.

Length:  22.1 km

Multiplexes:  Before downloading, there was a 3.1km multiplex with Highway 7

Freeway:  Entire Length.  (11 interchanges)

AADT (2002):  Highest: 138,000, from Highway 401 northerly to Courtneypark Drive;

                             Lowest:  98,000, from Williams Parkway northerly to Bovaird Drive.

Road Info:  Highway 410 is a very busy highway.  Its a fairly new freeway, and is well designed to carry large volumes of traffic well.  The 410 varies from six to eight lanes through the older sections of highway through Brampton.  The 2007, and 2009 highway extensions provide four freeway lanes, however these sections were designed to easily be widened to six lanes when traffic volumes warrant.  A recently released travel times survey conducted by the MTO found that Highway 410 in the southbound direction was the second slowest highway in the GTA during the morning rush hour.  Average speed drops to approximately 38km/h.  Average speed in 2006 was clocked at 71km/h, nearly twice as fast as the 2008 commute.  As such, travel to and from Brampton along Highway 410 is best done during off-peak times.  Highway 410 has a posted speed limit of 100km/h south of Mayfield Drive, and is posted at 80km/h north of Mayfield Road for the transition to Highway 10.


Highway 410 information:  

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Photographic History of Highway 410


History of Highway 410:

The highway first opened as a two-lane at-grade highway bypassing Highway 10 to the east in 1979.  During the mid 1980s the northern (more urban) portion of Highway 410 was completely grade separated; Access to and from Highway 410 to these newly grade separated roads was maintained through quasi interchanges that somewhat resemble the connector roads seen today on Highway 7 through central York Region.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, extensive construction upgraded the full length of the route to a full freeway.  This work included the construction of the southern carriageway (two way traffic had previously been routed along only the northbound carriageway), and the construction of grade separations and interchanges on the southern portion of the highway.  Since that time, Highway 410 has become a very busy 6-8 lane freeway throughout its entire length.  During the mid and late 2000s, work was underway to extend the 410 northerly from Bovaird Drive to meet Highway 10 at Valleywood, just to the north of Brampton.  The first phase of this three phase project included a new overpass to carry Sandlewood Parkway over the extended highway, as well as grading between Bovaird Drive and Sandlewood Parkway.  This phase was completed in 2004. though the highway wasn't opened to traffic until the completion of phase 2.  Construction was stalled for two years, but resumed in 2006 with construction starting on grading and advanced structures between Sandlewood and Mayfield Drive.  Phase two was opened to traffic in the Fall of 2007.  Construction started on phase three during the summer of 2007, with all lanes open to traffic on November 16, 2009.

Interchanges along Highway 410 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Exit # Interchange Name North / West Control City South / East Control City
City of Mississauga --- King's Highway 401 (Autoroute Macdonald -Cartier Freeway) & King's Highway 403 City of Mississauga
Population: 624 000
1-SB, 2-NB Interchange(s)
City of Mississauga 2 - SB partial exit Courtneypark Drive - South partial interchange
City of Mississauga 3 Derry Road (Peel road 5)
City of Brampton 5 Highway 407 ETR ----- -----
City of Brampton 7 Steeles Avenue (Peel Road 15) City of Brampton
Population: 331 000
5 Interchanges

Downtown Via Queen Street West

City of Brampton 9 - NB partial exit Clark Boulevard - South Partial interchange
City of Brampton 10 Highway 7-East (Peel Road 107-East) & Queen Street
City of Brampton 12 Williams Parkway (No Heavy Trucks)
City of Brampton 13 Bovaird Drive (Highway 7-West (Peel Road 107)) & Peel Road 10)
City of Brampton 15 Sandalwood Parkway (No Heavy Trucks)
Brampton / Caledon Boundary 18 Mayfield Road (Peel Road 14)
Town of Caledon 21 Hurontario Street South, Valleywood Boulevard & King's Highway 10-North

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