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Highway 416 was constructed in the early 1990s, and provides the link between Ottawa and the 417 to the rest of Ontario's freeway network.  Highway 416 was completed in September 1999, and was designated the Veterans Memorial Highway.  The southern portion of Highway 416 (south of Ottawa Road 73) was built by adding an extra roadway beside the existing Highway 16 roadway.  This process is called twinning.  Once the new road was built to the side of Highway 16, Highway 16 was converted from a bidirectional road to a unidirectional freeway carriageway.  The northern section of Highway 416 was built on a new alignment.  Near the 417, Highway 416 had to be constructed through the highly unstable 'leda' clay.  This clay threatened the completion of the highway, and delayed construction.  Engineers had to redesign a large cut using lighter weight materials before finally connecting the 416 to Highway 417.  All in all, Highway 416 is a high-standard, well constructed highway.

King's Highway 416 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  Highway 416 defaults onto Highway 401 westbound near Prescott.  Eastbound Highway 401 is accessible via Highway 16, which departs the 416 about a kilometre north of the 401.

Northern Terminus:  Highway 416 ends at the Highway 417 interchange (interchange #75) in the west end of Ottawa. 

Length:  Approx. 75 km

Multiplexes:  None.

Freeway:  Entire Length

Control Cities:  NB: Ottawa, SB: Prescott, To Highway 401.

AADT (2001):  Highest: 37,000 from Richmond Road to Highway 417 in Ottawa;

                             Lowest:  10,300 from Highway 401/16 north to Shanly Road and from Leeds & Grenville Road 44 to Highway 43.

Road Info:  Highway 416 is the newest (MTO owned and operated) 400-series highway in the province.  It was completed in September of 1999, when Highway 16 was finally twinned southerly to Highway 401.  Because of the highways 'newness' it's built to very high standards.  The northern sections of Highway 416 are quite smooth, having been resurfaced recently.  Central and southern segments have deteriorated rapidly given the highway's recent construction and are in dire need of resurfacing.   Highway 416 is lightly travelled, and typically is not congested at any given time (especially near the 401).  For the southern 12 or so kilometres of Highway 416, the carriageways are separated by a large treed median, the median is large enough that all overpasses spanning the 416, are actually two independent structures, separated by a large median fill.


Highway 416 information:  

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Interchanges along Highway 416 from South to North

Proper Municipality Name Exit # Intersecting Road North / West Control City South / East Control City
Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal --- King's Highway 401-Westbound Kingston  
Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal 1 King's Highway 16 & King's Highway 401-Eastbound   Bridge to USA, Corwall
Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal 12 Shanly Road (Leeds & Grenville Road 21) Spencerville -----
Township of North Grenville 24 Oxford Station Road (Leeds & Grenville Road 20) Bishops Mills -SB -----
Township of North Grenville 28 Leeds & Grenville Road 44 Kemptville-NB, Oxford Mills -----
Township of North Grenville 34 Highway 43 (Leeds & Grenville Road 43) Kemptville, Merrickville Winchester
Township of North Grenville 40 Redeau River Road (Leeds & Grenville Road 19) ----- -----
City of Ottawa 42 Dilworth Road (Ottawa Road 12) ----- Kars -NB
City of Ottawa 49 Roger Stevens Drive (Ottawa Road 6) North Gower Kars, Osgoode
City of Ottawa 57 Bankfield Road (Ottawa Road 8) Richmond, Smiths Falls -SB Manotick, Nepean
City of Ottawa 66 Fallowfield Road (Ottawa Road 12) ----- Nepean
City of Ottawa 72 West Hunt Club Road (Ottawa Road 32) ----- Nepean
City of Ottawa 75C - NB Partial Exit Richmond Road & Acres Road (To Moodie Drive) ----- -----
City of Ottawa 75A-B King's Highway 417 Kanata, Pembroke Ottawa

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