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As a resident of Southwestern Ontario, I sometimes forget of the importance of Highway 417.  The highway is the transportation backbone of Our Nation's Capital -- carrying the bulk of the cities east-west commuter traffic.  Beyond that, the road is also the main spine of the Trans-Canada Highway, which links Victoria to Saint John's.  In a smaller sense, the 417 is also the main link between Montreal and Ottawa.

In recent years, there has been a push to further extend Highway 417 westerly, along or near to the existing Highway 17's alignment.  The most recent extension saw the freeway extended to the Perth County boundary in Arnprior.  Design work is underway to twin the Arnprior by-pass, which should involve construction before 2011.  There are no established timetables to extend the 417 beyond Arnprior.  While it is likely the highway will be pushed further west, unless policies change, these extensions will be done on a piecemeal bases, and not with the expediency that is being seen for corridors such as Highway 11 or 69.

Old style King's Highway 417 shield

  Western Terminus:  Highway 417 ends just west of Ottawa Road 29 at the Ottawa - Renfrew County Line.

Eastern Terminus:  Highway 417 ends at the Ontario - Quebec Border.  The freeway continuation of Highway 417 into Montreal is known as Autoroute 40.

Length:  181 km

Multiplexes:  None.  Formerly an unposted multiplex with Highway 17 along the Queensway.

Freeway:  Entire Length

Trans Canada:  Entire Length, as the Ottawa Valley Route.

AADT (2005): Highest: 167 000, from Rochester Street to Parkdale Avenue in Ottawa;
                             Lowest: 12 000, from Highway 17 to Prescott & Russell Road 10.

Road Info:  From the Quebec Border to Ottawa, Highway 417 is a four lane rural highway, that ranges in condition from excellent to fair.  Recently in 2004/05 a significant section of this road was reconstructed in concrete.  Through Ottawa, the highway is a mix of six to eight lanes wide and has a somewhat un-Ontario feel to it, with non-standard interchange design, and very tight geometry.  Through Kanata and the western Suburbs of Ottawa, the highway is being widened from four to six lanes with two additional HOV lanes.  This is the first time HOV lanes have been used outside of the GTA in Ontario.  West of Highway 7, the freeway is once again four lanes through to Arnprior.  Highway 417 is consistently posted at 100km/h.


Highway 417 information:  

Detailed Route information available below
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Photographic History of Highway 417

Interchanges along Highway 417 from EAST to WEST:

Proper Municipality Name Exit # Intersecting Road North / West Control City South / East Control City

Highway 417 is a western continuation of Quebec Autoroute 40

East Hawkesbury - Rigaud Boundary

Ontario - Quebec Boundary

1 Prescott & Russell Road 14 & Quebec Highway 342
Township of East Hawkesbury 5 St. Eugene Road (Prescott & Russell Road 14) & Front Road (Prescott & Russell Road 4)
Township of East Hawkesbury 9 - WB Partial Exit Highway 17 (Prescott & Russell Road 17) Hawkesbury
Township of East Hawkesbury 17 Prescott & Russell Road 10
East Hawkesbury - North Glengarry Boundary 27 King's Highway 34 / S G & D Road 34
East Hawkesbury - North Glengarry Boundary 35 Prescott & Russell Road 23 & S G & D Road 23A    
Township of North Glengarry 51 Prescott & Russell Road 9 & S G & D Road 20 St. Isidore Maxville
The Nation - North Stormont Boundary 58 King's Highway 138 & Prescott & Russell Road 8 Cornwall
Township of The Nation 66 Prescott & Russell Road 7 Casselman St. Albert
The Nation - Russell Boundary 79 Prescott & Russell Road 5    
City of Ottawa 88 Rockdale Road (Ottawa Road 33) & St-Guillaume Road (Prescott & Russell Road 28) Navan Embrum
City of Ottawa 96 Boundary Road (Ottawa Road 96)    
City of Ottawa 104 Anderson Road (Ottawa Road 27)    
City of Ottawa 110 Walkey Road (Ottawa Road 74)    
City of Ottawa 112 Innes Road (Ottawa Road 30)    
City of Ottawa 113 Highway 17 (Ottawa Road 174) & Aviation Parkway Orleans and Rockland VIA 174 (formerly Highway 17)
City of Ottawa 115 St Laurent Boulevard    
City of Ottawa 117 Vanier Parkway    
City of Ottawa 118 Nicholas Street & Lees Street / Mann Avenue Hull
City of Ottawa 119A - WB Partial Exit Metcalfe Street    
City of Ottawa 119B - EB Partial Exit O'Connor Drive
City of Ottawa 120 Kent Street
City of Ottawa 121A Highway 16/31 (Bronson Avenue, Ottawa Road 31)   Macdonald-Cartier (Ottawa) International Airport
City of Ottawa 121B - EB Partial Exit Rochester Street
City of Ottawa 122 Parkdale Avenue
City of Ottawa 124 Highway 17B (Carling Avenue)
City of Ottawa 126 Maitland Avenue
City of Ottawa 127 Woodroffe Avenue    
City of Ottawa 129 Pinecrest Road & Greenbank Road
City of Ottawa 131 Highway 17B (Richmond Road)    
City of Ottawa 132 King's Highway 416   Prescott, Highway 401
City of Ottawa 134 Moodie Drive    
City of Ottawa 138 March Road & Eagleson Road    
City of Ottawa 140 Terry Fox Drive    
City of Ottawa 142 Palladium Drive
City of Ottawa 144 Carp Road Carp Stittsville
City of Ottawa 145 King's Highway 7 Carleton Place, Toronto  
City of Ottawa 155 Ottawa Road 49 (March Road & Highway 44) Almonte Carp
City of Ottawa 163 Panmure Road ----- -----
City of Ottawa 169 Kinburn Sideroad (Ottawa Road 20) Parkenham Kinburn
City of Ottawa 180 Ottawa Road 29 (Formerly Highway 15) Arnprior Carleton Place

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