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King's Highway 46 -

Highway 46 was transferred to local municipalities in 1997.  This was a very logical transfer, as Highway 46 served a very local purpose.  At the height of the highway's historic length, Highway 46 was far more important than it was in 1997.  Prior to the mid 1960's when Highway 48 was extended northeasterly from Highway 12 through Bolsover, Highway 46 carried traffic northerly from Highway 7 near Oakwood to Highway 35 at Coboconk along the current routing of what is now Kawartha Lakes Road 46, and Kawartha Lakes Road 48.  In the mid-1960s when Highway 48 was extended northeast of Highway 12 through Bolsover the east-west leg of Highway 46 was designated as Highway 48.  From the 1960s until its decommissioning in 1997, Highway 46 extended from Highway 7 near Oakwood to Highway 48 just east of Bolsover.

CGI of Highway 46 Shield
Courtesy Jamie Malecki

  Southern Terminus:  Junction Highway 7 between Oakwood and Manilla

Northern Terminus:  Junction Highway 48 near Bolsover

Length:  26.0 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  Highest: 2,100, from Woodville northerly to Victoria (Kawartha Lakes) Road 8;

                             Lowest: 1,100, from Highway 7 northerly to Woodville.

Status:  Totally downloaded in 1997.  Now known as Kawartha Lakes Road 46

Road Info:  Highway 46 is in pretty good shape for a county road, but I would consider it substandard for a King's Highway.


Highway 46 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections located along Highway 46 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
Highway 46 is now known as Kawartha Lakes Road 46 for its entire length
City of Kawartha Lakes ----- 0 km / 26.0 km King's Highway 7 (TCH - Central Ontario Route)
At Kawartha Lakes Road 9-East:  NB Turn Left at the stop sign.  SB: Turn Right towards Highway 7.
City of Kawartha Lakes Woodville 9.5 km / 16.5 km Woodville Road-East (Kawartha Lakes Road 9)
At Kawartha Lakes Road 9-West:  NB: Turn Right towards Argyle.  SB: Turn Left at the stop sign.
City of Kawartha Lakes Woodville --- Woodville Road-West (Kawartha Lakes Road 9)
City of Kawartha Lakes Lorneville --- -----
City of Kawartha Lakes Argyle 16.0 km / 10.0 km Glenarm Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 8)
City of Kawartha Lakes ----- 26.0 km / 0 km Highway 48 (Kawartha Lakes Road 48)
Highway 46 ENDS

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