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King's Highway 63 -

Highway 63 runs northeasterly from North Bay into the Temiscaming Region of Quebec.  The route was slightly shortened in 1998 when the connecting link agreement covering the portion of Highway 63 west of the North Bay By-pass was repealed.

Old Style King's Highway 63 Shield


Southern Terminus:  Pre-1997:  In Downtown North Bay at the Highway 11B/17B junction.

                                         Current: At Highway 11/17 on the North Bay By-pass.

Northern Terminus:  At Quebec Highway 101.

Length: Pre-1997: 65.4km.  Current: 64.5km

Multiplexes:  None.

Freeway: No

AADT (2002): Highest: 6,450, from the end of the North Bay connecting link to Peninsula Road
                            Lowest: 1,500, from Allen's Road to Highway 533.

Road Info:  The western sections of Highway 63 are presently in poor condition.  Thankfully work is underway in the summer of 2006 that will reconstruct and upgrade 17.8km of the highway in the vicinity of Highway 533.  East of this construction, Highway 63 is in good condition, having been reconstructed in the early 2000s.  Highway 63 has a posted speed limit of 80km/h for its entire length.


Highway 63 information:  

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Photographic History of Highway 63

Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 63 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Name

Highway 63 was downloaded west of the North Bay By-pass.  It is now known only as Cassells Street

City of North Bay North Bay --- (0km) / --- (65.4km) Highway 11B/17B (Main Street)

Current Western terminus of Highway 63 is at the Highway 11/17 junction.

City of North Bay North Bay (By-pass) 0km (1.9km) / 63.5km King's Highway 11/17 (North Bay By-pass)
City of North Bay North Bay --- Mountainview Drive
North Bay Boundary North Bay East Limits 17.7km (19.6km) / 45.8km Songis Road
District of Nipissing Balsam Creek --- -----
District of Nipissing ----- 39.0km (40.9km) / 24.5km Secondary Highway 533
District of Nipissing Eldee --- -----
District of Nipissing Thorne --- -----
Ontario - Quebec Boundary ----- 63.6km (65.4km) / 0km PQ Highway 101

Highway 63 ENDS

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