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King's Highway 64 -

Highway 64 runs from Highway 69 near the French River to Highway 11 in Martin River via Verner and Sturgeon Falls.  Hwy 64 passes through the beautiful French River area, and some of Central Ontario's richest farmlands.  Approaching Highway 11 in the Temagami region, 64 enters much more rugged forested landscapes that are occasionally dotted with small lakes and rivers. Highway 64 was totally untouched by provincial downloading.

King's Highway 64 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  Junction Highway 69 west of Alban

Northern Terminus:  Junction Highway 11 in Martin River.

Length:  145.0km

Multiplexes:  15.7km with Highway 17 west of Sturgeon Falls.

Freeway: No

AADT (2002):  Highest: 8,650 from Thibeault Road to the west limits of Sturgeon Falls, (concurrent with Highway 17);

                             Lowest:  640 from Secondary Highway 539 near Field to Highway 11 in Martin River.

Road Info:  Highway 64 is in pretty good shape considering its traffic volumes.  There are a few rough sections south of Noelville but considering traffic volumes, its condition is quite reasonable.  The section of Highway 64 from Notre Dame du Lac to Junction Highway 17 at Verner is in excellent condition.  North of Sturgeon Falls, Highway 64 is also generally in good condition with only a few rough spots in the vicinity of Feild.  Highway 64 has a rural posted speed limit of 80km/h.


Highway 64 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 64 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Name
Municipality of Killarney ---- 0km / 145.0km King's Highway 69
Killarney - French River Boundary Rutter --- -----
Municipality of French River Alban --- -----
Municipality of French River ----- 5.1km / 139.9km Secondary Highway 607
Municipality of French River Jamot --- -----
Municipality of French River Ouellette --- -----
Municipality of French River ----- 18.3km / 126.7km Secondary Highway 528

In Noelville (Christmas Town):  NB:  Turn Right at the four corners of Noelville (junction Highway 535).  SB:  At the stop sign in Noelville turn left

Municipality of French River Noelville 21.5km / 123.4km Secondary Highway 535
Municipality of French River Chartrand Corner --- -----
Municipality of French River Monetville --- -----
French River - West Nipissing Boundary North Monetville --- -----
Municipality of French River Sucker Creek Landing --- -----
Municipality of West Nipissing Notre Dame du Lac --- -----
Municipality of West Nipissing Lavigne --- -----
Municipality of West Nipissing Verner --- Old Highway 17 Road

At Highway 17(west):  NB: Turn Right towards Sturgeon Falls.  SB: Turn left towards Noelville.

Municipality of West Nipissing Verner 72.0km / 73.0km King's Highway 17-West
Municipality of West Nipissing ----- --- Levac Road & Drive-In Road

In Sturgeon Falls:  NB: Turn left towards Field from Highway 17.  SB: Turn Right on Highway 17 towards Sudbury and Vernor.

Municipality of West Nipissing Sturgeon Falls 87.7km / 57.3km King's Highway 17-East

At Cache Bay Road in Surgeon Falls Highway 64 has a small jog.  NB:  Turn Right then Quickly turn left on Albert Street.  SB: Turn Right then quickly turn Left on Imperial Street

Municipality of West Nipissing Sturgeon Falls --- Cache Bay Road
Municipality of West Nipissing ----- 109.8km / 35.2km Secondary Highway 575
Municipality of West Nipissing Field 110.4km / 34.6km Secondary Highway 539
Municipality of Temagami Marten River 145.0km / 0km King's Highway 11

Highway 64 ENDS

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