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Highway 83 can be thought of both as a logical download and an illogical one.  Being such a short highway that does not connect to any major community is why can be considered a logical download.  This however is not how I feel about Highway 83, Highway 83 also connects Highway 23 to Highway 21 which basically connects all points north east on 23 to Grand Bend (a major tourist destination) and Sarnia via Highway 21/402 which in my opinion warrants Highway 83 to be provincially controled.

  Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 21 a few kilometres north of Grand Bend

Eastern Terminus:  At Highway 23 junction a few kilometres west of Fullarton in Perth County

Length:  41.8 km (1997)

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  No

Status:  Entirely downloaded.  New names are Huron Road 83 and Perth Road 20.

Road Info:  Highway 83 is extremely nice between Highway 21 and Highway 4 with wide smooth pavement.  East of Highway 4, 83 is still very nice but is built to older standards, when pavement widths were narrower.

Communities and Major Intersections Located on Highway 83 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

For most of Highway 83's length it is known as Huron Road 83

South Huron - Bluewater Boundary ----- 0 km / 41.8 km King's Highway 21 (Bluewater Highway)
South Huron - Bluewater Boundary Dashwood 8.4 km / 30.4 km Bronson Line (Huron Road 2)
South Huron - Bluewater Boundary ----- 10.5 km / 28.3 km Goshen Line (Huron Road 2)

Looking West in Exeter.

Municipality of South Huron Hay (Exeter) 20.8 km / 18.0 km King's Highway 4 (London Road)
Municipality of South Huron Thames Road --- -----
Municipality of South Huron ----- 28.8 km / 10.0 km/ Hern Line (Huron Road 11)
Municipality of South Huron Farquhar --- -----

For a short time while in Perth County Highway 83 is known as Perth Road 20

Municipality of West Perth Russeldale 41.8 km / 0 km King's Highway 23

Highway 83 ENDS

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