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Proper Municipality Name

Photo Description


Pictures taken from driver's perspective appear offset from centre-line pictures:        

Highway 130 ends as the Shabaqua Highway meets Arthur Street.  Click here for Highway 11 images and here for Highway 17 images.
Municipality of Oliver Paipoogne

District of Thunder Bay
Northerly view of a Highway 130 from just north of the Highway 61 junction.  The fertile farmland that surrounds the City of Thunder Bay is atypical of much of Northwestern Ontario.

Photo taken: August 30th, 2006.

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Municipality of Oliver Paipoogne

District of Thunder Bay
Southbound junction assembly at Highway 61.  Note that Duluth is used as the southbound control city along Highway 61 from Thunder Bay.  There is no settlement of note between Thunder Bay and the U.S. Border along Highway 61.

Photo taken: August 30th, 2006.


Highway 130 ends at Highway 61.  Highway 61 continues southerly from Highway 130 in Minnesota, eventually becoming U.S. Highway 61.  Click here for Highway 61 images

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