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Highway 552 runs primarily east-west in the hills to the north of Sault Ste Marie.  Interestingly, the eastern leg of Highway 552 (east of Highway 17) was part of Highway 17's original alignment as part of the Great Northern Road between the Soo and Montreal River.

Secondary Highway 552 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Grant's Road in the geographical township of Fenwick

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Secondary Highway 556

Length:  19.2km

Multiplexes:  None

Orientation: East-West

Regions Served: Algoma District

AADT (2004):  Highest: 1,200, from Grant's Road easterly to Island Road;

                             Lowest:  570, from Highway 17 easterly to Highway 556.

Road Info: Highway 552 is in good shape for a secondary highway.  It is paved for its entire length, and has a posted speed limit of 80km/h.


Highway 552 information:  

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Communities and Intersections along and Highway 552 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
District of Algoma ----- 0km / 19.2km Grant's Road
District of Algoma Goulais River --- Old Goulais Bay Road
District of Algoma ----- --- Anglican Church Road
District of Algoma ----- 6.9km / 12.3km King's Highway 17
District of Algoma ----- --- Post Office Road
District of Algoma ----- --- Bellevue Valley Road
District of Algoma ----- 19.2km / 0km Secondary Highway 556
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