Secondary Highway 553 -

Highway 553 is and a remote secondary highway that leads north from Massey on the Trans-Canada Highway into the wild where it connects with Tertiary Road 810.

Secondary Highway 553 Shield

  Southern Terminus:  Junction Highway 17 in Massey

Northern Terminus:  33.3km north of Massey where the highway becomes known as Tertiary Road 810

Length:  33.3km

Multiplexes:  None

Regions Served: Sudbury and Algoma District

AADT (2002):  170, for the entire length of Highway 553.

Road Info:  With the exception of the southern-most 3km of Highway 553, I have not personally driven the route; however I understand that Highway 553 is extremely remote (there are no services located along either Highway 553 or Highway 810 outside of Massey).  Furthermore, the highway is gravel surfaced and used extensively by large logging vehicles.


Highway 553 information:  

Detailed Route information available below
Virtual Tour of Highway 553

Communities and Intersections along and Highway 553 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
Township of Sables - Spanish Rivers Massey 0km / 33.3km King's Highway 17
Township of Sables - Spanish Rivers Massey North Limits 1.9km / 31.4km -----
Township of Sables - Spanish Rivers ----- 12.7km / 20.6km -----
District of Algoma ----- 33.3km / 0km Tertiary Road 810

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