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Highway 26 runs along the Southern Shores of Georgian Bay, connecting Barrie with Owen Sound, via Collingwood.  Highway 26 is a very important Highway, as it is the major provincial link to the Collingwood and Wasaga Beach areas from the Greater Toronto area.  Because of the highways importance, very little of the it was affected by provincial downloading.  Only a short (1.3km) urban stretch of Highway 26 from Downtown Barrie to Highway 400 was downloaded.  Parts of the remaining section of Highway 26 are quite congested, and are in dire need of major improvements.  In 2003, MTO started construction of a new Highway 26 alignment that will bypass the congested Bowers Beach area.  .  The construction of this new highway alignment has since been stalled, and no firm completion date is known.

Old Style King's Highway 26 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Junction King's Highways 6, 10 and 21 in Owen Sound.

Eastern Terminus:  Pre-1997:  At the Highway 11/27 junction in downtown Barrie.

                                      Current: Highway 26 now ends at the Highway 400 interchange in Barrie.

Length:  Pre-1997: 117.0 km.  Current: 115.7 km.

Multiplexes:  There was a 7.2 km multiplex with Highway 27 before Highway 27 was decommissioned in 1998.

Freeway:  No

AADT (2002):  Highest:  19,600, from Highway 27 easterly to Barrie;

                             Lowest:  5,100, from Owen Sound easterly to Meaford.

Road info:  Many sections along Highway 26 are in need of attention and some new pavement, fortunately the worst of these sections was totally reconstructed in the 2005 and 2006 construction season.  East of Collingwood the route is plagued with chronic congestion during peak tourist season; the new alignment between Collingwood and Wasaga Beach cannot be constructed soon enough.  The rural speed limit along Highway 26 is 80km/h.


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Communities and Major Intersections located along Highway 26 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance* Intersecting Road
Town of Owen Sound Owen Sound 0 km / 117.0 km King's Highway 6 & King's Highway 10 & King's Highway 21

EB:  Take the short ramp to the right onto 16th Street.  WB:  Turn left onto 9th Avenue as 16th Street Ends

Owen Sound - Meaford Boundary ----- 3.1km / 112.6km (113.9km) 20th Avenue (Formerly Grey Road 21)
Municipality of Meaford ----- 4.5km / 111.2km (112.5km) Grey Road 15
Municipality of Meaford ----- 5.8km / 109.9km (111.2km) Grey Road 11
Municipality of Meaford Woodford 15.5km / 100.2km (101.5km) Grey Road 18
Municipality of Meaford Bayview 19.8km / 95.9km (97.2km) -----
Municipality of Meaford ----- 22.6km / 93.1km (94.4km) Meaford Range Road (Grey Road 112)
Municipality of Meaford ----- 25.4km / 90.3km (91.6km) -----
Municipality of Meaford Meaford West Limits 26.7km / 89.0km (90.3km) -----
Municipality of Meaford Meaford --- Nelson Street (Grey Road 12)
Municipality of Meaford Meaford 29.7km / 86km (87.3km) Grey Road 7
Municipality of Meaford Meaford East Limits 30.0km / 85.7km (87.0km) -----
Meaford - The Blue Mountains Boundary ----- 35.8km / 79.9km (81.2km) -----
Town of the Blue Mountains ----- 39.0km / 76.7km (78.0km) Grey Road 113
Town of the Blue Mountains Thornbury West Limits 39.8km / 74.9km (77.2km) -----
Town of the Blue Mountains Thornbury --- Grey Road 13
Town of the Blue Mountains Thornbury East Limits 42.4km / 73.3km (74.6km) -----
Town of the Blue Mountains ----- 43.0km / 72.7km (74.0km) Grey Road 2
Town of the Blue Mountains ----- 45.6km / 70.1km (71.4km) Grey Road 40
Town of the Blue Mountains Camperdown --- -----
Town of the Blue Mountains Craigleith 52.7km / 63.0km (64.3km) Blue Mountain Road (Grey Road 19)
The Blue Mountains - Collingwood Boundary Collingwood West Limits 55.5km / 60.2km (61.5km) Osler Bluff Road (Grey-Simcoe Road 21)

At the First Street Extn:  EB: Turn Left onto First Street.  WB: Take the ramp to the right onto High Street

Town of Collingwood Collingwood --- First Street Extn & High Street (South)
Town of Collingwood Collingwood 62.5km / 53.2km (54.5km) Highway 24 (Simcoe Road 124, Hurontario Street))

At the end of the Pretty River Parkway.  EB: Turn Left towards Barrie.  WB: Turn right towards downtown Collingwood

Town of Collingwood Collingwood South Limits 66.8km / 48.9km (50.2km) Hume Street
Town of Collingwood Bowers Beach 68.9km / 46.8km (48.1km) -----
Collingwood - Wasaga Beach Boundary Wasaga Beach North Limits 71.6km / 44.1km (45.4km) -----
Town of Wasaga Beach Wasaga Beach 72.9km / 42.8km (44.1km) Highway 92 (Mosley Street)
Wasaga Beach - Clearview Boundary Wasaga Beach South Limits 73.8km / 41.9km (43.2km) -----
Township of Clearview ----- 74.5km / 40.2km (41.5km) Simcoe Road 64

At Highway 91 in Stayner:  EB: Turn Left towards Barrie.  WB: Turn Right towards Collingwood

Township of Clearview Stayner 78.3km / 37.4km (38.7km) Highway 91 (Simcoe Road 91) & Airport Road (Simcoe Road 42)
Township of Clearview ----- 80.8km / 34.9km (36.2km) Townline Road (Simcoe Road 7)
Township of Clearview Sunnidale Corners 85.0km / 30.7km (32.0km) Sunnidale Road (Simcoe Road 10)
Township of Springwater Edenvale --- -----
Township of Springwater ----- 98.2km / 17.5km (18.8km) Horseshoe Valley Road (Simcoe Road 22)
Township of Springwater Minesing 101.1km / 14.6km (15.9km) George Johnston Road (Simcoe Road 28)
Township of Springwater Midhurst Station --- -----

At Midhurst:  EB: Take the Ramp to the Right towards Barrie.  WB: Turn Left towards Collingwood

Township of Springwater Midhurst 109.8km / 5.9km (7.2km) Highway 27-North
Township of Springwater ----- 110.6km / 5.1km (6.4km) Simcoe Road 43
City of Barrie Barrie 115.7km / 0km (1.3km) Kings Highway 400


East of Highway 400, Highway 26 is now known only as Bayfield Street.

City of Barrie. Barrie --- Ross Street

Approaching the Highway 11 junction.  Highway 26 splits into two unidirectional routes.  Traveling EB Stay on Bayfield Street to Dunlop Street.  WB: From Highway 11, Head north, on Clapperton Street, turn left onto Collier Street, then a quick right onto Bayfield Street.

City of Barrie Barrie --- (117.0km) / (0km) Highway 11 & Highway 27-South (Dunlop Street)
Highway 26 ENDS

*Current distance information is shown first, followed by pre-downloading distances in parentheses.

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