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Highway 36 is an important highway, yet it is not a particularly useful route for distance travelers.  It is instead, an important access road which links areas from the south (particularly the GTA) to Bobcaygeon, and the very well developed Kawartha Lakes Region.  Highway 36 was downloaded in its entirety January 1st, 1998.


Formerly Highway 36 marker - Copyright Josh Anderchek

  Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 7 just southeast of Lindsay on the Bypass

Eastern Terminus:  At Highway 28 in Burleigh Falls

Length: 73.4 km

Multiplexes:  A 7.3 km multiplex existed with Highway 507 before both highways were downloaded in January 1998.

Freeway: No

Status:  Entirely downloaded:  New names are Kawartha Lakes Road 36 and Peterborough Road 36

Road Condition:  Highway 36 is very nice for its entire length.  The section in Kawartha Lakes was rehabilitated not too long before being downloaded by the MTO.  Peterborough County has refurbished its entire length of 36 since 1998 to very high standards as well.  The City of Kawartha Lakes seems to be doing its best to ensure that Highway 36 does not remain the high MTO standard for long.

Highway 36 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 36 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersection Name

Highway 36 has been resigned Kawartha Lakes Road 36 by the city of Kawartha Lakes

City of Kawartha Lakes ----- 0 km / 73.4 km King's Highway 7 (TCH Central Ontario Route)
City of Kawartha Lakes Lindsay 3.3 km / 70.1 km Highway 36B (Queen Street) & Pigeon Lake Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 17)
City of Kawartha Lakes Lindsay --- Colborne Street (Kawartha Lakes Road 17)
City of Kawartha Lakes ----- 14.1 km / 59.3 km Pleasant Point Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 11)
City of Kawartha Lakes Dunsford Bypass --- Sturgeon Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 7)
City of Kawartha Lakes ----- --- Lakeshore Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 24)
City of Kawartha Lakes ----- 23.5 km / 49.9km (Scotch Line Road)
City of Kawartha Lakes ----- --- Pigeon Lake Road (Kawartha Lakes Road 17)
City of Kawartha Lakes Bobcaygen --- King Street (Kawartha Lakes Road 4)

Peterborough County has resigned Highway 36 to Peterborough Road 36

City of Kawartha Lakes Bobcaygen 36.5 km / 36.9 km Main Street (Kawartha Lakes Road 8) & Highway 649 (Kawartha Lakes Road 49)

In Bobcaygen turn right to stay on 36 if EB, WB turn left towards Lindsay to stay on 36

Township of Galway- Cavendish & Harvey Nogies Creek --- -----
Township of Galway- Cavendish & Harvey Flynns Turn 52.6 km / 20.8 km Highway 507_North (Peterborough Road 507).  (Before 1998, 7.3 km multiplex with Highway 507).

EB:  Turn left in Buckhorn to stay on Highway 36.  EB:  Turn Right

Township of Galway- Cavendish & Harvey Buckhorn 59.9 km / 13.5 km Highway 507_South (Peterborough Road 23).  (Multiplex with Highway 507 Ends)
Township of Galway- Cavendish & Harvey Burleigh Falls 73.4 km / 0 km King's Highway 28

Highway 36 ENDS

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