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Before downloading, Highway 67 ran from Highway 101 just east of Timmins northeasterly into Iroquois Falls, via a short multiplex with Highway 11.  In 1997/98, Highway 67 was shortened at both ends.  In 1997 Highway 67 was shortened by 1.1km when it was downloaded through much of urban Iroquois Falls (coinciding with the decommissioning of both Highway's 577 and 578).  In 1998, Highway 67 was shortened again, this time by 24.5 km, as all portions south of Highway 11 were handed over to local authorities.  Highway 67 now runs the 9.8km distance from Highway 11 into Iroquois Falls.

New Style King's Highway 67 Shield

  Southern Terminus: Pre 1997: Junction Highway 101 between Hoyle and Shilling
                                         Current: Junction Highway 11 just north of Porquis Junction

Northern Terminus:  Pre-1997: Junction Highway 578 in Iroquois Falls
                                        Current: Junction Highway 577 in Iroquois Falls

Length:  Pre-1997: 35.4km.  Current: 9.8km

Multiplexes:  Currently none, before downloading there was a 2.6 km multiplex with Highway 11.

Freeway: No

AADT:  Highest (2002): 2,050, from Highway 11 northerly to Iroquois Falls;
               Lowest (1994): 800, from Highway 610 northerly to Highway 11.

Road Info:  Coming Soon!


Highway 67 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 67 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

Highway 67 was downloaded south of Highway 11 in 1998.  The highway is now simply known as Municipal Road

City of Timmins ----- 0 km / 35.4 km King's Highway 101
City of Timmins Barbers Bay 9.4 km / 26.0 km Highway 610 (Frederickhouse Lake Road)
Timmins - Iroquois Falls Boundary Timmins - Iroquois Falls Limits 9.9 km / 25.5 km -----

At Highway 11-South:  NB: Turn Left towards Hearst.  SB: Ramp to the right towards Timmins

Town of Iroquois Falls ----- 21.9 km / 13.5 km King's Highway 11-South

At Highway 11-North:  NB: Ramp to the right towards Iroquois Falls.  SB: Turn left towards North Bay

Town of Iroquois Falls Porquis 24.5 km / 10.9 km King's Highway 11-North

At Main Street & Victoria Road:  NB: Turn Right towards Downtown.  SB: Turn Left towards Highway 11.

Town of Iroquois Falls Iroquois Falls 24.3 km / 1.1 km Highway 577 (Main Street-East)

Current (1998) Northern Terminus of Highway 67 is located at Highway 577 in Iroquois Falls.

At Highway 577:  NB: Turn Left onto Synagogue Street.  SB:  Turn Right towards Highway 11 on Main Street

Town of Iroquois Falls Iroquois Falls 35.4 km / 0 km Highway 578 (Anson Drive)

Highway 67 ENDS

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