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Highway 7B (Carleton Place) was a short highway that ran from Highway 7 to Highway 15 through Downtown Carleton Place.  Much of Highway 7B (Carleton Place) is a former alignment of the trunk highway that linked Perth to Carleton Place.  The Carleton Place By-pass opened to traffic in 1959, and the business route was created.  Highway 7B (Carleton Place) survived until 1998 when the highway was transferred to local municipalities.  Highway 7B is now known as Lanark Road 7B.

Old style King's Highway 7B shield.

Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 7 west of Carleton Place.

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 15 (McNeely Avenue) at the eastern edge of Carleton Place.

Length:  3.2km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  3,300 for the entire length of Highway 7B (Carleton Place).

Status:  Entirely downloaded:  New name is Lanark Road 7B.

Road Condition:  Highway 7B is in good condition for its short length.  Much of the road is suburban or urban in nature.  The speed limit varies from 50km/h to 80km/h along the highway.


Highway 7B (Carleton Place) information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 7B from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road
East of Fowlers Corners Highway 7B has been designated Peterborough Road 1.
Township of Beckwith ----- --- (0km) / --- (3.2km) King's Highway 7
Beckwith / Carleton Place Boundary Carleton Place West Limits --- (1.4km) / --- (1.9km) -----
Town of Carleton Place Carleton Place --- (2.1km) / --- (1.1km) Bridge Street
Town of Carleton Place Carleton Place --- (3.2km) / --- (0km) Highway 15 (Lanark Road 29, McNeeley Avenue)
Highway 7B ENDS

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