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In the webmaster's opinion, Highway 84 did not serve a provincial purpose, and probably should have been downloaded long before April 1, 1997.  The short highway connected Highway 21 at St. Joseph to Highway 4 at Hensall.

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  Western Terminus:  Junction King's Highway 21 in the Township of Bluewater

Eastern Terminus:  Junction King's Highway 4 in the community of Hensall

Length:  17.1 km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  Highest:  2,300, from Hensall to Zurich;

                             Lowest:  1,500, from Highway 21 to Zurich.

Status:  Totally downloaded in 1997.  Now known as Huron Road 84.

Road Info:  Highway 84 is in pretty good shape for its entire length - it was rehabilitated by the county of Huron after downloading and has a posted 90k/h speed limit.


Highway 84 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 84 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

Highway 84 lies in Huron County for its entirety, Huron has renamed Highway 84: Huron Road 84

Township of Bluewater St. Joseph --- (0km) / --- (17.1km) King's Highway 21 (Bluewater Highway)
Township of Bluewater Zurich --- (6.9km) / --- (11.0km) Goshen Line (Huron Road 2)
Township of Bluewater ----- --- (11.0km) / --- (6.1km) Parr Line (Huron Road 31)
Township of Bluewater Hensall --- (17.1km) / --- (0km) King's Highway 4

Highway 84 ENDS

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