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Highway 85 is a short freeway that leads from Kitchener just into Woolwich township north of Waterloo.  While there is little logical argument that Highway 85 isn't a provincially significant highway, considering its primary purpose is to serve commuter needs in Waterloo, it does raise the significant question why roads like the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway in Hamilton, the Gardiner and Don Valley Parkway in Toronto, and Ottawa Road 174 in Eastern Ottawa are not provincial highways.  Of note, Highway 85 was actually designated as Highway 86 until the summer of 2003.  This reversed a much earlier number change when Highway 85 was originally designated as Highway 86 during the early 1980s.

New Style Highway 85 Shield with Formerly Highway 86 sign


Southern Terminus:  At the Highway 7 (Victoria Street) interchange in Kitchener.

Northern Terminus:   Current: At the transition to Waterloo Road 85 just north of the Waterloo Road 15 overpass in St. Jacobs.

                                         Historic: At Highway 86 in downtown Elmira.

Length:  9.8 km.

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway:  Entire length

AADT (2002):  Highest:  93,700 from Highway 7 to Wellington Street in Kitchener;

                             Lowest:  19,400, from Northfield Drive to Waterloo Road 15.

Road info:  Highway 85 is one of the few remaining 1960s/1970s vintage freeways in Ontario.  It has much tighter geometry then most other Ontario freeways, with only a 90km/h speed limit.  Pavement quality along Highway 85 is also sub par to many Ontario freeways, as much of Highway 85 could use a resurfacing.


Highway 85 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections along Highway 85 from South to North:

Proper Municipality Name

Community Name Distance

Major Intersection

Highway 85 is a northern continuation of the Highway 7(/8) freeway through Waterloo

City of Kitchener Kitchener 0km / 9.8km King's Highway 7 (Victoria Street, Waterloo Road 55)
City of Kitchener Kitchener 0.3km / 9.5km Wellington Street
City of Kitchener Kitchener 1.8km / 8.0km Lancaster Street (Waterloo Road 29)
Kitchener - Waterloo Boundary Kitchener - Waterloo Limits 2.7km / 7.1km Bridgeport Road (Waterloo Road 9)
City of Waterloo Waterloo 4.2km / 5.6km University Avenue (Waterloo Road 57)
City of Waterloo Waterloo 6.6km / 3.2km King Street (Waterloo Road 15)
City of Waterloo Waterloo 7.9km / 1.9km Northfield Drive (Waterloo Road 50)
Waterloo - Woolwich Boundary Waterloo North Limits 8.9km / 0.9km -----
Township of Woolwich ----- --- King Street (Waterloo Road 15)
Township of Woolwich ----- 9.8km / 0km Waterloo Road 85 (Arthur Street, Formerly Highway 86)

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