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King's Highway 43 -

Highway 43 was a local highway that served east-west movements between the small rural communities of Eastern Ontario.  Highway 43 started at Highway 7 in Perth, progressing through Rideau Country, through Merrickville to Kemptville.  After interchanging with Highway 416, the highway progressed through to Winchester, and eventually to Alexandria at Highway 43.  This part of Eastern Ontario is predominantly rural, and the communities are for the most part based upon local farmers.  Further, east of Winchester, Highway 34 passes through a predominantly French portion of the province.  Highway 43 was downloaded in its entirety on January 1, 1998. 

King's Highway 43 Shield

  Western Terminus:  Junction Highway 7 in Perth.

Eastern Terminus:  Junction Highway 34 at Alexandria.

Length:  153.8km

Multiplexes:  None

Freeway: No

AADT (1994):  Highest: 7,050, from Leeds & Grenville Road 44 easterly to Highway 416;

                             Lowest: 1,550, from Highway 31 easterly to Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Road 7.

Status:  Entirely downloaded:  New names are Lanark Road 43, Leeds & Grenville Road 43, and Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Road 43.

Road Info:  I have driven very little of Highway 43.  It's primarily of use to the residents of the communities that the highway passes through or near to.  The few sections of Highway 43 that I have driven have been pretty standard rural stretches of highway, I haven't seen anything, and have no reason to believe, that their is anything of particular remarkable along the highway.  I understand that Merrickville is quite a scenic little community -- many of the communities that are located along the Rideau Canal system are quite pleasant.  Leeds & Grenville has constructed several roundabout intersections along Highway 43 in Kemptville.  Highway 43 has an 80km/h speed limit through rural areas, lower through urban areas.


Highway 43 information:  

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Communities and Major Intersections located along Highway 43 from West to East:

Proper Municipality Name Community Name Distance Intersecting Road

Lanark County has numbered downloaded Highway 43 as: Lanark Road 43

Town of Perth Perth 0km / 153.8km King's Highway 7 (Dufferin Street)
Perth / Drummond/North Elmsley Boundary Perth East Limits 3.2km / 150.6km -----
Township of Drummond/North Elmsley Port Elmsley 12.7km / 141.1km Port Elmsley Road (Lanark Road 18)
Drummond/North Elmsley / Smiths Falls Boundary Smiths Falls West Limits 20.8km / 133.0km -----
Town of Smiths Falls Smiths Falls 21.4km / 132.4km King's Highway 15-North
Town of Smiths Falls Smiths Falls 21.8km / 132.0km King's Highway 15-South
Smiths Falls / Montague Boundary Smiths Falls East Limits 24.7km / 129.1km -----
Township of Montague ----- 30.2km / 123.6km Rosedale Road (Lanark Road 23)
Township of Montague Kilmarnock --- -----
Montague / Merrickville-Wolford Boundary Merrickville West Limits 39.1km / 114.7km -----
Village of Merrickville-Wolford Merrickville 40.3km / 113.5km Leeds & Grenville Road 15
Village of Merrickville-Wolford (Former) Merrickville East Limits 41.7km / 112.1km -----
Village of Merrickville-Wolford ----- 42.2km / 111.6km Leeds & Grenville Road 23-West Jct
Village of Merrickville-Wolford ----- 48.0km / 105.8km Leeds & Grenville Road 23-East Jct
Township of North Grenville Actons Corners 53.4km / 100.4km Leeds & Grenville Road 25
Township of North Grenville (Former) Kemptville West Limits 59.3km / 94.5km -----
Township of North Grenville Kemptville 59.5km / 94.3km Leeds & Grenville Road 44
Township of North Grenville (Former) Kemptville East Limits 60.5km / 93.3km -----
Township of North Grenville ----- 61.2km / 92.6km Rideau River Road (Leeds & Grenville Road 19)
Township of North Grenville ----- 62.1km / 91.7km King's Highway 416 (Formerly Highway 16)
Township of North Grenville ----- 62.7km / 91.1km Leeds & Grenville Road 24
Township of North Grenville ----- 65.1km / 88.7km South Gower Road (Leeds & Grenville Road 22)
North Grenville / North Dundas Boundary ----- 67.7km / 86.1km Boundary Road
Township of North Dundas ----- 71.8km / 82.0km Rieds Mills Road (S D & G Road 1-North)
Township of North Dundas ----- 74.1km / 79.7km Mountain Road (S D & G Road 1-South)
Township of North Dundas ----- 81.4km / 72.4km Inkerman Road (S D& G Road 3)
Township of North Dundas Mulloys --- -----
Township of North Dundas ----- 85.2km / 68.8km Highway 31-North (S D & G Road 31-North)
Township of North Dundas ----- 88.8km / 65.0km St. Lawrence Street (S D & G Road 38-North)
Township of North Dundas ----- 89.3km / 64.5km Highway 31-South (S D & G Road 31-South) & Holmes Road (S D & G Road 38-West)
Township of North Dundas ----- 96.4km / 57.4km Smith Road (S D & G Road 9)
Township of North Dundas Chesterville West Limits 97.5km / 56.3km -----
Township of North Dundas Chesterville 98.2km / 55.6km Queen Street (S D & G Road 37)
Township of North Dundas Chesterville 100.2km / 53.6km Dunbar Road (S D & G Road 7)
Township of North Dundas Chesterville East Limits 100.4km / 53.4km -----
North Dundas / North Stormont Boundary ----- 104.2km / 49.6km S D & G Road 11
Township of North Stormont (Former) Finch West Limits 111.4km / 42.4km -----
Township of North Stormont Finch 112.1km / 41.7km Chrysler Road (S D & G Road 12-North)
Township of North Stormont Finch 112.2km / 41.6km Victoria Street (S D & G Road 12-South)
Township of North Stormont (Former) Finch East Limits 113.1km / 40.7km -----
Township of North Stormont ----- 119.5km / 34.3km Newington Road (S D & G Road 14)
Township of North Stormont (Former) Avonmore West Limits 121.4 km . 32.4km -----
Township of North Stormont Avonmore 122.5km / 31.3km Main Street (S D & G Road 15)
Township of North Stormont (Former) Avonmore East Limits 123.5km / 30.3km -----
Township of North Stormont ----- 129.8km / 24.0km King's Highway 138 (St. Andrews Street)
Township of North Stormont (Former) Monkland West Limits 129.9km / 23.9km -----
Township of North Stormont (Former) Monkland East Limits 130.9km / 22.9km -----
Township of North Glengarry ----- 137.2km / 16.6km Highlands Road (S D & G Road 20-North)
Township of North Glengarry ----- 139.0 km / 14.8km Apple Gill Road (S D & G Road 20-South)
Township of North Glengarry ----- 143.8kn / 10.0km Greenfield Road (S D & G Road 30)
Township of North Glengarry ----- 151.3km / 2.5km Kenyon Dam Road (S D & G Road 45)
Township of North Glengarry (Former) Alexandria West Limits 152.8km / 1.0km -----
Township of North Glengarry Alexandria 153.8km / 0km Highway 34 (S D & G Road 34, Main Street)
Highway 43 ENDS

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